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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Exclusive Gift from CHANEL

Whats up, Beauties? :) 

Today Im gonna share another gift I got, and its from CHANEL. :) 

Its so pretty and it reminds me of Guerlain's Blush G Serie Noire except that this one is much cooler since it has cooler pink tones while Blush G has strong warm peach-orangey tones. 

I wont make this Intro long since Im so excited to share how pretty this blush is. 

I love how CHANEL's packaging look so simple yet it feels so luxe and elegant. 
I also love that their compacts come in velvet pouches that adds to the glam and doubles as a protection. 

Super love that this particular item has a small velvet pouchie for the brush as well. <3 

The only downside I see with CHANEL's packaging is the fact that the compacts are fingerprint magnets and the velvet pouches can be dust/lint magnets. So it is best to brush them clean all the time and keep the boxes for proper storage. 


This blush is really nice, my pictures couldnt do justice on how gorgeous it is in actual. 

From the plummish pink stripe on the center, the upper portion sports a cool pink color -- the pink looks warm as is but when blended with the white stripe, the color becomes cooler and more toned down, below the plummy stripe on the other hand sports a coral-pink blush that goes really well with the golden apricot stripe. 

Having this blush is like carrying 3 blushes in one compact. A pink blush, a nice coral-pink blush and a combination of both. 

Sorry wasnt able to take a picture of it while it was still brand new, I was so giddy to try it out thats why It looks battered already from the 2nd picture. LOL! 

The formula is smooth, fine milled and silky to apply. The colors are fab and go well with my nc20-25 skintone, this color doesnt have chunky shimmer but it does have micro-sheen that gives the cheeks a healthy pop of iridescent glow. 

The brush is also nice and usable for touchups, unlike some of their brushes that are too scratchy. Love that  its angled too which makes blush application much easier.  

I prefer using a separate blush brush though for initial application so I can blend faster and pack the color properly. I just use this brush for touch ups. 

The swatch (colors blended together) 

Will update this blog post with the swatches of the pink side and the coral side tomorrow. Its so gloomy outside that I couldnt really capture the real color of the swatches.

Lasts fairly long on me, minor retouching after 5-6 hours. :)

Ill slap myself if this didnt work on me. LOL! Skin absolutely loves it! <333

Definitely. Its one of a kind, and I love it to bits! Would love to keep a backup of this blush.

It says 18months after first use. I wouldnt mind keeping this longer as long as it wont cause me to breakout or whatev. :)

The best part, in my honest opinion. 

But a downside for those who wants to have one. :(
I dont think theyd be releasing this product in their future collections, as far as I know, these are made just to be given away for CHANEL VIPs, not a VIP but Im lucky enough to score one from a contact who works from where they make these. :) 

Do you love CHANEL Cosmetics? What are your faves? 

Be Blessed, Beauties! <333

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. Aha! Ikaw na talaga sis! :) Nice score!

  2. @Chel: type mo ba bakla? :D arbor pa tayo ng isa. nyahehe!

  3. Sucks im not a chanel VIP! Congrats sis! That's a very lovely blush!

  4. Love the color! Hope they release it to the public though. =)

  5. @The Average Jane : I hope so too! <3 I need a back-up and the color is too pretty to be an LE! :D


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