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Sunday, August 28, 2011

St. Ives Eye Stress Gel

Good Makeup starts with Good Skin.

While a lot of us are too busy catching up with the fresh releases of makeup manufacturers, Im pretty sure some are also guilty of overlooking the significance of spending money on skincare products, I admit I used to skip moisturizers and eye creams before and my mom would always get mad when she sees that some of my skincare products are just sitting in my beauty shelves untouched months after we bought them, some even ended up in the trash bin, expired even they were still full to the brim.

Its was too late when I realized my carelessness has taken its toll on me. I used to have combination skin -- Generally oily with areas that are dry and patchy. Plus I also had occassional breakouts. And I learned that poor hydration causes my skin to be that way. If you love wearing makeup, it is important that you re-hydrate and re-nourish your skin at the end of the day after cleansing. At night, during our sleep, thats the only chance that our skin can breathe and regenerate thats why night creams and eye creams are important. 

Im sure you guys know the drill, so enough with my lecture LOL! Ill proceed to the product that became my HG eye gel -- St. Ives Eye Stress Gel. 

The product comes in a 113ml plastic tube.

The tube may be small, but it lasts forever even if you use it everyday. :)

Beside the St Ives Collagen and Elastin Eye Stress Gel is SkinDoctor's Eyetuck which Im gonna review tomorrow. :)

The formula of this Eye Treatment is very light since its water based. The cool scent of lavender makes it even more relaxing. 

As is, the formula does a great job in soothing tired eyes since it has an instant cooling effect. But for added soothing properties, I keep this product inside my cosmetic chiller. It does a great job in helping me relax, Cucumber soothes and hydrates the eye area while Elastin makes the skin firmer.

It was my mom who recommended this product to me since she's using the same product for her eyes. What I like about this is you dont just use it at night, you can also put this on prior to makeup application. 

And because I stay up late most of the time, I use this product so my eyes wont look tired the next day. :)

Loves it! <333

Definitely backup worthy. 

It doesnt say on the package how long the shelf life is, but my last tube lasted for 2 years and it was good to use until the last drop. Its prolly the refrigeration that made the shelf life longer. 

As far as I can remember a tube costs less than Php 400.00. 

I heard that St.Ives planned to discontinue production of this product but the last time I checked Watsons, they still have it.

Watch out for my review for SkinDoctors Eyetuck, thats what I use in tandem with St.Ives Collagen and Elastin Eye Stress Gel.

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. This was my first eye gel. I didn't love it that much, because back then my main concern was dark circles. Ngayon, I've given up haha. I just want to remove the fine lines i have so I use Clinique All About Eyes Serum (the roller gel) and Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream :)

  2. @Krys: I actually like this product dahil nakaka-hydrate lang sya and nakaka-soothe and it does make my eye erea look firmer, pero mas maximized ang effect when I use it in tandem with the skindoctor eyetuck. :)

  3. I loved this eye gel so much when I was in Manila unfortunately I can't find it here in the UK ... nice post ! :)

  4. @polagurling dot com : Thanks! :) Thats what I heard too, that this eye gel is super hard to find nowadays. :(


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