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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Follow Me! ^_^

Im not a techie & I dont really tinker the features & the add-ons that I can use on my blog, but since a number of my readers asked me to add a Feedburner button for my posts, I explored the feature this afternoon & realized it was super easy to set-up nyahaha! 

You ladies can now subscribe to my posts by entering your email addies on the little subscription form found on the right side of this page, I also posted a screencap so you guys can easily locate it.

If you guys have twitter, you can also follow me there so I can attend to whatever questions you guys wanna ask or have a little chit chat about anything & everything under the sun. :) 

Im encouraging everyone to send me your comments, suggestions & whatevs for me to improve my blog, its contents & the entire browsing/reading experience.

Thanks ladies for taking time to read my beauty babbles, I hope you guys can learn anything new about makeup & whatnots here.

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 

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