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Monday, August 22, 2011

♥♥♥ Stickers and Mini Stationeries ♥♥♥

Warning : Kiddie Stuff ahead. LOL! Here's my take on enjoying life's simple pleasures. :) This is the second serving of my kiddo, babaw moments. (Read first part HERE)


One thing I miss about living in the states is being able to go thru thrift stores and flea markets, you get to score really nice stuff at rock bottom prices, the stuff are most of the time better than the stuff you would find in malls, thats the reason why Im not ashamed of admitting the fact that I love going to ukay-ukays (thats how us Filipinos call thrift shops/flea markets), when most ukay-ukay goers dig thru loads of clothes, bags and all, while Im always busy digging thru the trinkets and other little stuff in the kiddie section (oh yes Im a kid at heart). And my mom can attest to this, my eyes light up (like a kid given his new toy) whenever I see tiny trinkets that catch my fancy. 

Every weekend, my parents and I pay Tagaytay a visit -- for the benefit of those who live in other countries, Tagaytay is one of the tourist destinations here in the Philippines, make sure you pay a visit once you decide to fly to the Phils. :) Going back to my little story, after dropping by the construction site of our Tagaytay Resthouse, we decided to drive around Tagaytay to search for home stuff that we can buy, until we passed by this Japanese Ukayukay place somewhere along the road that leads to Paseo de Santa Rosa. My mom asked the driver to pull over coz she wants to visit the little store that sells Country Home decors, and because I saw the words Japanese and Surplus a few meters away from the store my mom was checking out, I decided to get out of the car and check what they have there. 

As usual, I dug through the trinket section and was happy to find several packets of mini japanese stationeries and stickers in different prints, lucky me!  Decided to get all of them, of course. LOL! 

Each sheet have perforations between each design, so in a sheet, there are approximately 4 strips of mini stationeries, theyre pretty small (a little bigger than the wrapper of a single bandage strip (band-aids), I dont really mind since my penmanship's relatively small.

The rest of the designs, I wasnt able to scan anymore since the colors are washed out by the scanner, cant figure out how to adjust the brightness. So I just took pictures of them instead. 

Some have little wrinkly portions but thats fine with me since I can flatten the sheets out anyway, whats special about these little stationery set is the way you present them, you dont just fold them unlike regular letter sets, theyre meant to be rolled in tiny scrolls and secured with these tiny stickers. 

Would you agree if I say its the Korean and Japanese people who create the cutest stationeries in the market? 

I dont think I can ever outgrow this special love for Japanese and Korean stationeries, I just love them to bits and even if they are mere sheets of paper, they make me happy, brings out the little kiddo in me. 

I forgot to mention, I got everything for just Php20.00. Great deal, right? I wish they had more though, and I think this would be the start of me visiting Japanese ukayukays more often. Wahahaha! 

Sorry for the boring post, ladies, Im just so happy I got my hands on these cuties. Haha! 

How about you, ever had a collection of some sort? :) Share it! :)

PS : Ill be back to REAL beauty blogging tomorrow, giving my lips some time to heal since my upcoming reviews would be for lip glosses and other lipcolors. I got windburns from the cold weather and was too lazy to put lip balm on. :( 

Be Blessed, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. I love it! I'm also a sucker for stationaries and stickers. I still have my vintage collection way back from my grade school days. =) I am now collection sticky notes. =)

  2. I love how Japanese and Korean paper stuff can be so unique! I remember when I was in Grade 5, I also had a vast stationery collection. I kept them inside clear envelopes and every Friday, I'd meet some of my schoolmates who were interested to swap their sheets with mine. Lol. Oh, sudden wave of nostalgia. =)

  3. @Genn: I envy you, I dont have the stationery sets i started collecting since gradeschool :( I also collect sticky notes now. haha! :D in fact I just ordered a bunch from ebay this afternoon haha!

  4. @Eunice : my sentiments exactly! :D thats what i do too! thats why each time i buy stationeries, a sudden wave of nostalgia kicks in, i remember how we do it back in gradeschool. <3 <3 <3 remember the scented silica beads too? kisses? I used to collect those as well! :D hahaha

  5. wee! me too, i love stationeries, until now, i have my sanrio collection. i love them.. super cute your stuffs sis babyjap.. especially the japanese paper stuffs! uber cure!!

  6. *dying of cuteness* i'm a sucker for cute stuffs! I still have my stationeries way back from elem - HS - college. XD

  7. I want them too! Too bad the store's far away :(

  8. @roxyfoxy : Weeee im so glad to know a lot of girls still have this special thing for stationeries and stickers. :D

  9. @Gellie Abogado : Now you made me wish that I didnt give my stationeries away before. haha! :D Kaaliw mga stationeries no? especially the cute ones, makes me reminisce about my childhood haha! :D

  10. @Ria Hazel : Im currently on the hunt on where I could get more of these, ill update you guys if I find a store that sells them. :D

  11. Cute! I used to collect stationeries and stickers too. They're so addictive! =)

  12. This is not a boring post at all.....This is cute and dejavu moment

  13. @The Average Jane : Thank you! <333 I agree, im so hooked in buying stationeries lately. haha! :D

  14. @cheannetoday : Thank yoU! <333 Im glad you ladies can relate with my simple pleasure. :D


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