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Monday, August 8, 2011

Loreal HiP Loose Powder Kohl Liners

Upon checking my list of stuff to review, I was supposed to do a review for Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundie after that review for Lush Flush Cheekstain, but Im lazy to do a review for it now, instead, I decided to make one for my new favorite Loreal HiP Loose Powder Kohl Eyeliners! 

Been eyeing these babies since I cant remember when but I couldnt justify paying Php 600.00 for each piece before since I wasnt sure if theyre any good. I recently rediscovered how nice my Guerlain Loose Powder Kohl Liners are and it sure did make me realize that defining my eyes does wonders in making my eyes look nicer. 

I used to have all 8 colors of Guerlain Loose Kohls, but the short shelf life hindered me from keeping them longer so I decided to give them away to mom and my cousins, the packaging says its good to use within 6months from first use. The life span sucks considering its something thats super expensive (around $36.00 for each!) and mind you, it has a lot of product that you cant even use up in a year with everyday use. 

So to make up for my little frustration for Guerlain Loose Powder Kohls, I browsed our local ebay for Loreal HiP Kohls, I was surprised to see that one seller sells them for Php 150-175.00 each. Great deal, isnt it? So I decided to get all 6 colors so I could evaluate which ones would look nice on me. 

Loreal HiP Kohls come in handy dandy vials that sports a small felt tip wand that does a great job in applying the loose powder to the waterline or for tightlining.  

The packaging is relatively small but contains a lot of product, I think this one vial can last for more than a year even if you opt to use it everyday. 

The loop on the top of the cover is purposely placed there not for hanging the vials up but to provide a stable grip especially when you wanna use the Eastern Method of applying Kohls. 

If you dont wanna splurge much moolah on Guerlain Kohls, Loreal HiP Kohls is the next best thing. 

The powder is finely milled. Im just hoping though that they could make the formula a little drier coz the powder is kinda moist and even though its finely milled, the powder tends to clump or form clusters which I really dont mind since I can tap it off the wand during application. 

The powders are fairly pigmented, even better than the pigmentation of Guerlain Kohls.

1. Black 
2. Navy 
3. Brown 
4. Teal

5. Burgundy 
6. Gold

Im loving all the shades that they have, all of them are frosty/metallic and have teeny, fine specks of glitter on it.

I was never a fan of matte-colored liners, even with my former liner fave (shu drawing pencils), I always choose the ME (metallic) shades since they make the color look softer. I hate matte liners for my waterline since it looks artificial. 

Just like Guerlain Loose Kohl Liners, these Loreal HiP Kohls does a great job in giving my eyes a certain glow, its superb in defining my eyes but nothing over the top, nothing too strong that would make me look more mataray.

This product have mixed reviews on Makeup Alley, but Im thinking all Loose Kohls has the same trend of reviews since its more tedious to use these than to use a good ol' trusty pencil liner, but like Ive said, loose powder kohls give a certain glow to my eyes that pencil liners cant achieve. 

And in my honest opinion, once you master the Eastern art of applying loose kohls, you would consider these as the most convenient liner you ever had, since it does tightlining and waterlining with just one swipe.

Me wearing the gorgeous kohls : 
(Sorry for the crappy pics, was in a hurry to swatch everything) 

Eyes are pretty tired when I took these 2 swatches so please excuse the redness

*Will update this post with 2 more colors tomorrow, dont wanna push my eyes to its limit since my eyes feel a bit sore already from using eye makeup remover*

Not sure if you ladies can actually relate, but I love how shimmer/pearlized liners make my eyes glow instead of making it look too strong if I use matte liners. 

Sharing 2 Video Tutorials of applying Loose Kohls. 
At first I was really scared of poking my eye with the wand from using the Eastern Method, but when I learned to do it the proper way, I realized the wand doesnt even come close to poking my eyeball since the inner part of my lids protect my eyeballs from it. 

Personally, I have 2 tips to share with you ladies that could help you avoid a lot of fallouts and messing up your entire makeup. 

1. You can blow or tap the excess powder off the wand. 

2. Apply your loose kohl liner before doing your whole makeup. In that way, you wont need to worry about messing up your foundie/undereye area.  

Lasts the whole day on me, with just minimal clean-ups on the outer corner of my eyes. No smudges, no raccoon eyes from this product. 

Contrary to the common misconception that these loose kohls cause eye infections, I never experience irritation whatsoever. 

Safe for contact lens wearers, make sure you put your liner on before wearing your contacts though. 

Ill keep a backup for these if Loreal would plan to discontinue production of this. But for now, Im happy owning 6 vials of this. 

8-12 months. 
I sanitize the wand before sticking it inside the vial. 

Usually costs Php 600.00 each, but theres one seller on ebay that sells them for Php 175.00 each. (Who wouldnt love ebay, right?)

eBay Philippines
Loreal Counters (Not available in Loreal Counters in the Phils) 

Have you tried using Loose Powder Kohl Liners? 
Share your thoughts! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. I have never tried powder liners, just pencils. Then again I don't wear much makeup anyway. Wish you could have included at least one pic of any of the liners on your peepers, to give us an idea of the "glow" you were talking about. =)

  2. pardon my naivete/ignorance but what does it do to the eyes? if i have big eyes already, shouldnt i be staying away from these? but the ladies on these vid seems to already have beautiful big eyes and yet still applying it. my eyes are kinda mataray looking...i dont even know how to apply mascarra properly since i tend to look like a raccoon after a few minutes...and ive tried putting an eyeliner on my lower lids, and my BF told me i looked very taray...huhuhu...

  3. it looks scary to apply. have you tried applying it the "pro" way? hehe XD

  4. @blackshirt13 : sure. :) not really sure if the cam can capture it since the glow i am talking about is how it emphasizes the eyes without the line being to strong like how a matte pencil would define my eyes.

  5. @sapphirebelle : those are eyeliners sis, but in powder form. :) you should watch the vid to know how to use these loose liners. theyre really nice.

  6. @Gellie Abogado : looks scary at first but doing the "pro"/eastern way is really easy. :) thats how i apply my loose kohls. :)

  7. Bravo! Thanks for influencing me to buy this. I got my black one already and used it. A bit tricky at first but you get the hang of it as you go along. I'm definitely getting a back-up :)

  8. wow!! where on ebay did you get?! i want!

  9. @Patty B. : Im super glad you love it, its something thats kinda tricky to apply but thanks for your tip also, was able to apply my liner this morning without fallouts. :D first time! <3

  10. @MiCHELLE'aNNE : Just type "Loreal Kohl" on the search bar. :)

  11. i'm going to try this!!! thanks for the review pretty Doll :)

  12. @ur_prettyprinces : go get some na, pretty! <3 <3 <3 i super love these liners! <3


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