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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Top 10 Favorites For The Month Of July

I was tagged by Kat (Thank You, Gorgeous!) of The Skin Specialist's Haven yesterday when she made her Top 10 post. Was so giddy since this is my first post holding the stuff that I currently love. It was easy for me to choose my Top 10 since Ive been sticking with just a few beauty products lately since I wanna maintain the current state of my skin (the best since X years! Rawr!).

 So here are my current faves 

My skin's sensitive and acne-prone, and because of that, I understood the significance of having a good canvas for applying make up. 

Since good Make-Up starts with Good Skin, 5 of my current faves are skincare products 

1. Shu Uemura Skin Purifier (Fresh) -- Shu Cleansing Oil makes removing makeup a breeze, and because I love wearing falsies, this makes removing DUO Lash Adhesive much faster without leaving a trace of glue on my lids. 

2. FANCL Washing Powder -- I got this on impulse from Smile, and I dont regret purchasing it, in fact, I wish I reserved the item earlier so that I would prolly be able to get 2 bottles of it instead of just one. I love how this cleanses my face, makes my skin feel really clean without the squeaky, dry feeling. Its unscented and thats a plus. 

3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub -- I love this scrub, St Ives Apricot used to be my HG but this took the throne of my HG scrub, the grains are not too coarse and not too fine, just enough to exfoliate my skin gently. The scent is nice too, fresh and not overpowering. 

4. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque -- I use this 2x a week religiously, it dries up breakouts fast and it gets rid of excess sebum. Loving how my face feels really clean and refreshed after washing it off. 

5. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion -- I use this at night after cleansing my face, I love how it keeps my skin hydrated, a little oily so I just use this at night. I dunno if its just me but it does help in lightening breakout marks faster. I think its also responsible in giving my face a nice pinkish glow. 

The other half of my faves are Makeup Products 

1. Muse Mascara Volume Adjustable -- My HG Mascara. I love using this on days that Im too lazy to put falsies on. It does a great job in lengthening and volumizing my lashes without looking too thick and crusty. 

2. Guerlain Meteorites Mini (filled with Absolute White Meteorites) -- Since toting the fullsize pot is a hassle, I carry that small baby around, its a smaller pot that comes with the Meteorites Trio set, I just refill it with the Meteorites variant that I wanna use for the day. 

3. Lush Colour Supplement in Light Yellow -- I used to love full coverage foundies, but since I dont have breakouts anymore (yaay!) im shifting to foundies with light to medium coverage lately. Im in love with the coverage and the finish of this one. I can mix it with my moisturizer for the perfect tinted moisturizer or use it alone as a foundie. 

4. Guerlain Loose Powder Kohl Liner -- I dont usually put eyeliner on my waterline and I dont usually tightline my eyes, but eversince I discovered that tightlining my eyes make them look more dramatic, thats when loose kohl liners became a staple in my kit. Unlike other mid-range brands, Guerlain Loose Kohls give a nice glow to the eyes and makes it look more lively. Im dying to collect all 8 shades of this! I wish I could still find sellers of the LE shades though. And oh! ve also mastered recently the eastern way of applying this without fallouts and smudging.
5. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Rose De La Reine -- It goes on translucent pale pink which doesnt really change the color of my lips but give it a barbie-ish shimmer thats not over the top, just right to brighten my smile and make my lips look better. 

Now its my turn to pass this on to 10 Lovely bloggers, 

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Tagging the Following Gorgeous Bloggers : 

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Happy, Rainy Monday Evening Gorgeous Ladies! :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. omg super tempting stuffs again! great stuffs you got sis Doll! looking forward to try some of those lalo na the scrub and fancl... but hmmp i really envy the G meteorites! :( if you'll let go of somem let me know huh? :D (in my dreams! :P)

  2. I still have this blog post pending with Kingking. I guess it's about time that I do this! :D

  3. @ur_prettyprinces : great choice, pretty! you should try the scrub and the washing powder, theyre super nice, prices are reasonable too! :D

    regarding the meteorites, im letting go of some soon, will text you once i get my hands on the new ones I ordered online. nyahaha! :D

  4. nice faves ;D
    gosh its cool coz i was also thinking of purchasing the mint julep but couldn't find any as usual..
    Thank You so much for the award po :">

  5. @aMz88 NP, pretty! :) Regarding the mint julep scrub, its usually OOS at Healthy Options but you can find sellers on as well, sometimes cheaper than getting it from HO. :)

  6. meteorites just looks amazing:) I want'em :D
    thanks for sharing:)

  7. After all the reviews you make, I always wonder what your TOP favorites are. :D So, when I saw this on the feed... CLICK!

    Anyway, grabe pala ang packaging na Guerlain, tipong kahit simot na, manghihinayang ka itapon.

    Thanks for the tag. Nakaka-pressure. I want to make a post already pero madaming nag-aagawan sa 8th, 9th, and 10th spots

  8. i love all the makeup products! so pretty.. especialy the meteorites!hahaha.. i'm so intrigued by the avalon organics vit c lotion, where did you purhase it? love that too.. actually, super love all your top 10 faves!!

  9. @archi : you should get one, the finish is really pretty! :)

  10. @Rae : Exactly, ang ganda masyado ng packaging para lang idispose, Im glad i kept that pot ng mini since pwede naman irefill so i wont have to bring the huge tub around when im out. :D

    I kinda screwed up on that since I was so OC and wanted to protect it, sprayed the cover with clear acrylic, and the gold print bubbled up. hahaha! I immediately ran it under a warm dryer to stop the bubbling hahaha! :D

    Im so sorry had to tag you, its so hard to pick the top 10 especially when you have a lot of beauty stuff around. haha!

  11. @roxyfoxy : thank you! :) You can get AO products from healthy options, that particular product costs around 350. Pretty cheap for a product that works so well, I just love it. :)

  12. The Guerlain Meteorites is sooo cute, especially the powder puff. =)

  13. @Joyce : The powder puff i bought separately, the puff that comes with that mini is useless so I had to get another one that has more body and would protect the powder from spilling. :)

  14. jap2x, how much ang Mint Julep mask and Avalon moisturiser? Where to buy?

  15. @Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) : Hi pretty! :) Si Mint Julep masque is around 400 si Avalon Moisturizer is around 350 sa Healthy Options, though you can get mint julep from ebay, mas better kasi OOS halos palagi sa HO yun, yung moisturizer nalang bilhin mo sa HO. :)

  16. Thanks for the tag! Here's my Top Ten:

    BTW, talagang maglet-go ka ng Meteorites? Balitaan mo ko ah!

  17. @Krys: Great post, Krys! <3 <3 <3

    Naadik ka na talaga sa Soap and Glory! hahaha! :D

    Yeah Im gonna let go of some pots ng meteorites ko since I ordered new ones on ebay. hehe! :D sige ill let you know once andito na yung mga bago. :D

  18. cge tingnan ko sa ebay ang mask, i have normal skin sis, di ba sha drying? excited to go to HO to buy the moisturiser hehe

  19. what great products!
    i love how you organized all the details <3

  20. @Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) : were you able to get some na for yourself, pretty? :) I love the scrub and the mask, does a great job in removing excess oil.

  21. @MSodapop : thanks for the kind words, love! :) mmwah!


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