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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Soon To Open In Makati

Im a HUGE fan of this brand, its actually the first brand of makeup that ive tried and got me hooked. 

They have really nice products and a lot of Filipinas are wishing really hard to have Benefit Counters/Stores in our country. 

Well I guess they heard our prayers coz theyd soon be opening a store somewhere in Makati Im guessing it would be somewhere around Greenbelt, not sure though if it would be just a kiosk or a standalone store for walk-ins. 

Catch Benefit Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook 

And lets join them as they count down the days till their store opening.
I already have a list of products that I wanna check out. :)

I still have one more wish though, I hope their prices are not sky-high. LOL!

I hope that having Benefit Cosmetics accessible for everyone would decrease the sales of those that circulate fake Benefit stuff in the market. 

Now Im wondering, how long do we have to wait until they decide to open a branch of Sephora here in the Philippines? That would be so much fun for me and sorrow for my wallet. Rawr!!!

Do you have any idea where the Benefit store would be located and when the opening would be? Share! :)

Be Blessed, Beauties!

Live, Love and Stay Fab!


  1. OMG that would be wonderful, it would be lovely to see those products in person before buying them <3

  2. @kaishiza : a little disadvantage that I see is that it would be harder to choose which ones to get especially if everything suits you well. nyahaha! :D

  3. OMG!! thanks for the heads up! excited nako! hehe do you know what company is it under at? SSI ba?

  4. @MissChief : not sure anong company ang may hawak sa kanila, but I hope di talaga sila overpriced pag dating dito. <3

  5. *fingers crossed* I hope so too, though I have a feeling na they might be. Sana Sephora naman next. hehe

  6. Oh. My. God. Excited!!!!!!! :) Gastos na naman to!

  7. @MissChief : I hope they follow the pricing ng NARS and other cosmetic brands na konti lang difference sa US price. *fingers crossed too*

  8. @Gellie Abogado : I know! :D would be better though if its Sephora that decided to open a store here, para damay narin Benefit. :D

  9. @Krys : di bale, sa simula lang naman yung gastos since hindi naman super dalas ng Benefit magrelease ng new products. hahaha! :D

    im still safe since im eyeing just a few items from Benefit. <3


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