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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric

This has been a lazy weekend -- blame my hormones and blame PMS. LOL! 

Was pretty busy the past week so it took me a while to make a review for my Giorgio Armani Foundies.

Mom got 3 variants of GA foundies and I was able to ask for samples for GA Lasting and Face Fabric, I used it together with something else that caused me to breakout and I wanna slap myself for blaming GA. LOL! 

I rediscovered how nice they were when Chel (MalditaMD) sent me a sample of GA Lasting,  tried the foundie again and I fell in love with the finish.

To make the long story short, I immediately got a bottle of GA Lasting and a tube of Face Fabric for myself. 

So, what is Face Fabric? 

*description taken from the Giorgio Armani page*

“Fabric is the reason for my success.”

Giorgio Armani translates his skills in texture and layering into its unique range of cosmetic textiles, a wardrobe for face. Face fabric is an invisible makeup with a 3D Micro-fil technology.

Its unique Micro-fil™ formulations bring lightness and fluidity to makeup, allowing infinite blending and layering to enhance the natural glow of the skin.

A subtle, neutral palette is accented with two shades - porcelain and apricot - to be used alone to create a healthy-looking glow, combined with any of the shades to boost the color, or alone to sculpt or highlight the complexion. For normal to oily skin, providing sheer coverage.

CEW 2009 Face Product Prestige Award Winner.
Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Award Winner.

Im loving sheer foundies lately and so far, GA Face Fabric is one of the best sheer foundies Ive tried. 

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric comes in a slender and classy tube, 

I love that its not artsy unlike other foundie brands. Actually the classy, minimalist design is common for high end foundies in the market. 

Packaging kinda reminds me of NARS and Guerlain combined. 

This tube contains 30ml of product.
I think its quite a lot since you just need a little for each use. 

The tube's flat nozzle tip. 

From the tube, it looks like your typical cream/liquid foundie, but when you start blending it, youd feel the mousse-y, smooth, light, airy, luxurious, weightless feel of this product. 

Literally blends like a dream, it melts onto your skin to its absolute nothingness, 
it evens up the skintone without making you look too made up.

Smells really nice too! Scent is mild and not overpowering. 

It has SPF12, which doesnt really do much but it adds a little more to the benefits of this foundie. 

I dont use silicone-based primers when I use this, it tends to slide off  or crease when I use silicone based primers underneath, works best with primers that are water based. Makes it adhere better. 

I sometimes use this as a primer for my GA Lasting Foundie (review coming up) also, they go really well together, I do this trick on days that I want more coverage. 

Lasts around 5-6hours on me, just a little retouching would be needed to make my face look fresh again. 

Glad I rediscovered GA foundies, my skin absolutely loves them! <3 <3 <3

I hope they dont discontinue Face Fabric, otherwise, I would have to buy backups. 

12-18 months. But since this is so nice, Im sure you ladies would be able to use it up few months after you open it. LOL! 

$ 48.00

A little expensive but definitely worth every penny. :) 

No Giorgio Armani counters in the Philippines so the best way to get your hands on this baby is thru resellers. 

At the end of the day, its still best to invest in good foundation since it can make or break your whole look. Sure, GA foundies cost a little more than our traditional foundie brands but in my honest opinion, its worth shelling out a little more moolah for. 

Which reminds me, I have to get my hands on GA Luminous Silk Foundie real soon! 

Have you tried Giorgio Armani Foundies? How about other cosmetics from the brand? 
Share your thoughts! :) 

Hope all of you would have a great week ahead. 

Be Blessed, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. it's expensive pero it sounds great ;)

  2. @Gellie Abogado : yeppyepp! <3 not for people who loves foundies with more coverage though.

  3. sis, i like face fabric. ive been hearing raves about it in gt, but now i realize love ko siya when i saw your swatch and review. i goota have this--haha! thanks babyjap for the review! hope you will make a review also of its blush and the lasting foundie.. your blog! :)

  4. @roxyfoxy : go get one! :D i super love my GA foundies, theyre really worth every penny. <3 <3 <3

    thanks for the kind words by the way! <3 readers like you inspire me to be better at this <3 mwah!

  5. Hahaha. GA addict ka na rin. I totally love my GA Face Fabric. If my HK trip pushes thru, I'm getting more GA Cosmetics. :)

  6. @THE BEAUTY JUNKEE : ang ganda sobra ng foundies! <3 akala ko safe na ko kasi akala ko i broke out from GA foundies, hindi pala. LOL! :D im getting 2 more kinds ng GA foundies haha!


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