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Monday, August 15, 2011

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation

Im glad my EQ's pretty high these days that I tend to get testers first before buying full size beauty products. I just realized that I dont wanna risk wasting moolah on products that would just cause me to breakout.

Just when I thought I was happy with my Parure and Lingerie De Peau Foundies from Guerlain, I met Giorgio. Gastos nanaman. Har! 

Thanks to Chel (MalditaMD) I was able to give GA Lasting another run before I finally concluded that its not the real culprit of why I broke out before. Its that sucky little skincare thing that promised to make my skin look better but did the opposite. Argh.

Nuff with my ranting, lets go back to the actual product review.. ^_^

Product comes in a sleek, glass bottle. Design-wise, I like that it looks clean and classy, not too much intricate details. Designed like its supposed to be used by a makeup pro. 

Bottle says it contains 30ml of product. Would last fairly long for me since I have other foundies and I just need one full pump of this to cover my entire face and neck. 

Dispensing the product is a breeze since it has a built-in pump that dispenses the right amount of foundie for each use. 

For reference, My MAC Shade is between NC20-25, Im a bit acidic so foundies tend to oxidize a little on me. 

I use shade 4.5 in GA Lasting Silk, its a bit lighter than my skintone but after a few minutes, it oxidizes to a tone that perfectly matches mine.

This fluid foundie is a bit runny, dries pretty fast too so you need to blend it rightaway after dabbing it on your face. 

Below is a swatch of the blended foundie vs. a heavy swatch

From the heavy swatch you would see the strong yellow undertone of this shade, which is perfect coz I have strong yellow undertones too. 

The coverage of this foundie is Medium to Heavy, its buildable so you can just layer the application for areas that you need more coverage.

Formula is smooth, easy to blend and gets easily absorbed by the skin. 
I assume its oil free since it dries to a luminous matte finish that evens out the skintone and doesnt feel heavy at all (even after you layer for coverage). 

It has SPF20, wouldnt really do much as you would still need a separate sunscreen for more sun protection but its a nice addition to the benefits of this foundie. 

Photographs really well. no white cast even for cameras with flash. 
Oil control is pretty good too since I only need to blot once the whole day to get rid of just a bit of shine. 

First you have to Moisturize, Apply sunscreen and apply Primer (optional) before everything else. I prefer using my sanitized fingers to blend this in rather than using brushes or sponges since those would just tend to eat up all the foundie (there goes the stingy me. LOL!) 

But if you want a light, airbrushed effect, a stippling brush or a beauty blender sponge will do the trick, just stipple the foundie, let dry and apply another layer for coverage. 

No idea if this would last the whole day on me on warm, humid days. Weather's relatively cooler and less humid nowadays and this lasts almost the whole day on me, minimal retouching and minimal blotting. 

My skin absolutely loves this product! :) 

Definitely back-up worthy and definitely a must-have for people who are searching for foundies that give good coverage and hate the heavy feel of other foundies. 

12 months from first use. Store this somewhere cool and the shelf life will be longer. 

$ 59.00. 
Price is pretty steep but its definitely worth every penny. 

No Giorgio Armani counters in the Philippines so the best way to get your hands on this baby is thru resellers. 


Great makeup starts with good skin. 

Always remember that before splurging on expensive foundies, it would be really nice to invest in good skincare FIRST, so you can maximize the effect of bank-breaking foundies like this. 


Be Blessed, Beauties! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. where do you get samples of this stuff? would really be nice if there are resellers where we can actually buy samplers first before doing the big splurge.

  2. wanna try this again! argh :P thanks for the BI review pretty doll!!! LOL enge trial! hahaha

  3. @sapphirebelle : I dont think thered be resellers for sample packs, GA is pretty stingy in giving away samples din kasi kaya hindi masyadong madaming samples ang nagcicirculate talaga. :( Was able to ask mom before lang for a sample and my friend sent me a small bottle where she decanted a sample of this. :)

  4. @ur_prettyprinces : If you love face fabric, youll love this, Kat! <3 ang ganda sobra, I wanna get Luminous silk and the creme foundie narin tuloy hehe! :D

  5. True what you said about skin care. :P Ang makeup ay hindi pang magic trick, it can only do so much if your skin is not at its best.

  6. @Rae : true. it can conceal but it really wont look that nice lalo na pag malapitan tiningnan. :)

  7. @BabyJap,RN

    waaaaaaah! i want i want!!! knino nnman kaya ako papabili nito... :/ maganda sa maganda si face fabric but i noticed hindi sya long lasting :( boo

  8. @ur_prettyprinces : face fabric can last fairly long basta use a silicone free primer to make it adhere more, parang mousse type kasi si face fabric eh kaya parang mabilis humulas pag may silicone ang primer.


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