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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whats Inside My Ginormous Makeup Bag

Whats up, Lovelies? 

Im feeling under the weather these past few days which hindered me from updating my blog. I was able to check my blogger account just this afternoon and found that I was tagged by Raine of Lil Ole Moi  in her WIMMK (whats in my makeup kit) post. I got excited because its the first time that Im gonna do a post showing the stuff I have in my Ginormous Makeup Kit. 

Now you're wondering why I call it Ginormous, its because it weighs a little less than 2 kilos. Seriously. And Ill never get tired carrying it around since it has everything I need if in case I feel like redoing my makeup in the middle of the day.

Some items in this post will be marked with an asterisk - *, which indicates that the item is a staple in my makeup kit, all the other items are changed depending on which shades/colors I want to use for that day. 

So, here's what I have in my makeup kit. Enjoy! :)

This makeup pouch, I got from Accessorize for a little over Php 1000.00. Its pretty big and can fit all my essentials. 

The pouch size compared to the size of my NARS Makeup Palette. Its quite big, eh? 

Eye stuff (Left to Right) : 

* DUO Darktone Eyelash Adhesive -- which Ive transferred in this small vial with a wand since the neck of the original tube broke. 

 Guerlain Loose Powder Kohl Eyeliner 

Loreal H.I.P Loose Powder Kohl Eyeliner 

* MAC Browset in Beguile  

* Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in ME White 

* Muse Volume Adjustable Mascara in Black 

The Balm Angled Liner Brush 

Maybelline Gel Liner in Black (Upper Right) 

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original Formula -- depotted since the tubes neck broke as well. Argh. 

Some Random Stuff (Left to Right) : 

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit 

Skin Food Peach Sake Concealer 

Lunasol Lip Gloss in EX33

Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange 

* Benefit Pocketpal -- A quick fix whenever I feel like Im too pale

* Benefit High Beam -- my HG highlighter, from highlighting the inner corner of my eyes to using as a base for my blush. I love this product to bits! 

MAC Falsies Case

Trim EZ Grip Tweezers

Some more Random Stuff 

* Guerlain Meteorites Mini 

* Paper Soap (in the blue container) 

* T Le Clerc Lipstick in Rose Transparent 

* Marionnaud Blush Brush 

* Coastal Scents Stippling Brush 

More Random Stuff 

Cargo Suede Blush in Gold Coast 

* Smiths Rosebud Salve 

* Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundie 

Lush Colour Supplement 

* NARS Erotica Palette -- I always bring this since it has the most wearable colors and I love the lippie part (4 rightmost squares), which has strong colors that go well with neutral shadows that I love.  

* Sunsilk Damage Repair Hair Serum 

* Shiseido Dual Ended Lip Brush -- the best lip brush Ive ever had.

Im a lucky girl, I was able to score an LE, a blush shade thats exclusively made to be given out by CHANEL for VIPs (and Im not even a CHANEL VIP!)-- Blush Horizon De Chanel. 

Its a pink-based version of the coral-toned Guerlain Rouge G Blush. 
It gives the best, goldpink glow. I just love it to bits. 

With this post, Im encouraging everyone to share what you have in your own makeup kit, so Im tagging everyone, not just specific beauty bloggers to do your own WIMMK post. 

More reviews and blog updates in the coming days! 

Thanks for dropping by, Gorgeous! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. i sometimes bring a lot of stuffs too for my makeup kit kaya super laki ng bag na dala ko always. haha! can't help it. ;)

  2. @Gellie Abogado : I used to tote around a small makeup kit (I still have my first kikay kit) and I cant seem to figure out how I was able to fit everything there, coz I cant trim down my current makeup kit. So weird haha! :D

  3. Kaloka. Nakakainggit naman ang laman ng makeup bag mo. Guerlain counter na ito. Hehe

  4. love it to the bones sis babyjap! haaay, naloka ako sa mukaps mo.. dami mo dinadala. im sure you also have a big bag for this.hehe. love the chanel blush.. hope you'll sell one of your chanel blushes someday..(wink wink!hehe. kaloka sis! love it!

  5. sis please do review the benefit highbeam highlighter.

    where did you get your tleclerc rose transparent? ive been looking for one online and elsewhere..i had an incident with my bag a few days ago and my make up stash was gone and some other valuables..

    how much yung shiseido lip brush and Nars pallete and where do you usually buy those classy looking pots too?

    and the papersoap and the blue container? ohh i want everything in your stash..

    i cant make myself go out there and buy new ones not just yet..since i think i need to update it na rin...looking at the incident as a blessing so i can finally rebuild my kikay kit..


  6. WOW! I just bought a very small pouch so that it would compel me to just bring the necessary stuff only...notice how you use maybelline's gel, are you fond of using it? I find the brush so stiff...

  7. @aringkingking : mas madaming Guerlain SIL mo kingking! :D hahaha! :D

  8. @roxyfoxy : thank you sis! :) you said it right, haha! my bags are always big so it can fit all my essentials haha! :D

  9. @sapphirebelle :
    Sorry to hear about your lost purse :(

    Will surely do a review for Highbeam in the coming days sis. :)

    Regarding the Rose Transparent Lippie, Im not sure if its out in the market already, I got it directly from my ninang who works from where they make them (together with chanel, guerlain, chantecaille, etc) thats why I sometimes get LE or Exclusive items :D

    The shiseido dual ended brush is around 1700, i got it from a beauty exhibit in SMX last year, the NARS palette, that was released more than half a decade ago but NARS is thinking of releasing it again, thus making that exclusive palette again to give out to people in their marketing committee, got it for free also from my ninang LOL! :D the pots, I recycled lang, like for example yung sa UDPP, thats Etude House's Gel Liner pot, the contents dried out so I depotted it nalang and used it for my UDPP instead. :) The vial for the DUO adhesive is from a lash glue I got from Daiso, discarded the contents since its cheap naman. hehe!

    The paper soap comes in that blue container already (comes in other colors/scents too) from the My Dollar Store in Alabang. :)

    I hope you can rebuild your stash soon, sis! <3 <3 <3

  10. @Whizzer's Rose : I love Maybelline Gel Liners, the quality's superb considering that its cheap. Not really fond of using it coz I make sure I rotate my gel liners so Id get to use all of them before they all dry up haha! :D For me, the brush that comes with it is actually good, the quality's close to Suesh eyeliner brushes that I love, I just use a different brush, in this case my theBalm brush since i havent cleaned my maybelline liner brushes yet. :D

  11. wow ang dami mong dala everyday! love your stuff! :)

  12. i really envy your chanel blush pretty Doll! :( that paper soap intrigues me huh! how can i get those? :P the guerlain foundi... i want! wanna try muna hahaha!!! great stash Doll! :)

  13. @Crystal : Thanks, pretty! :) My parents are teasing me na hindi pwede ma-snatch ang bag ko, pag hablot daw ng snatcher mabibitawan nya sa bigat. haha! :D they even call me a weightlifter hahaha! :D

  14. @ur_prettyprinces : Weee Ill DM you for the blush haha! :D I forgot to inform you bout it. :D The paper soap is really nice, super handy. Ill send you some soon once i get more of those. The foundie is so nice, better than GA lasting or GA face fabric. <3

  15. Wow! I love everything you have!

  16. haha omg! and I thought ang dami ko ng dala meron pa pala mas madami sakin. haha sometimes nabibigatan ako ang I look at my make up kit again and try to check which I can leave at home na lang, pero wala talaga parang lahat kailangan in case of emergency. haha but anyways good stuffs!! :)

  17. @Chew On This : thank you! <3 <3 <3

    @MissChief : My sentiments exactly. :D its super hard to trim down my stash too, i dunno which ones i can afford to leave at home. :D

  18. sis babyjap, all there is on the website is transparent LIN shade..i cant find any talga...lucky you...

  19. Wow babyJap! and I thought I bring too much stuff lol! I really am green with envy for your NARS Erotica Palette. (wiping drool..)

    anyhoo, thanks for "replying" to my tag and Hope you feel a lot better now. =)

  20. Wow! I just bring a brush, blush, powder and gloss when out and about. Hehehe! =)

  21. @Lil Ole Moi : hahaha! girls can never have too much stuff on her makeup kit, right? haha! :D

    regarding the tag, dont mention it, had fun sharing my stash to everyone. I should thank you for reminding me I should do posts like this once in a while for readers to see what I tote around whenever I go out. mwah! <3 <3 <3

  22. @The Average Jane : that pretty much comprises my kit back in the days. haha! :D I envy people who can bring teeny tote bags. haha! I always tote around a "luggage" as my mom calls it. haha!

  23. hi may i know where did you buy NARS products here in philippines?.,or is there one at SM MALL of ASIA?


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