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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bath & Body Desserts : Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Tint

I feel that I shouldve made this review ages ago coz I just discovered the product is discontinued already. Well im not really sure if the seller discontinued making these cheek tints or if they would be back in selling them again soon.

I felt bad after "researching" for stockphotos and found out that its been a year since the owner of Bath and Body Desserts stopped selling them. 

This has been my favorite Lip and Cheek Tint and Ill pick it over Benetint anytime. 

Bath and Body Desserts' Lush Flush Lip and Cheek Stain comes in a 20ml pump bottle and compared to other cheektints in the market that usually comes in a bottle similar to that of a nailpolish. For me, the packaging is a winner since the size is just right to stash it in my purse and I wont have to worry that it would accidentally spill.

From the bottle, you can see its a thick, gel type stain which makes application less messy than using liquid cheekstains. 

Lush Flush is a bright red, see thru lip and cheek stain that doesnt have hints of purple or peach which makes it flattering for almost all skintones. 

The intensity is also buildable but you would have to be really careful in applying if you have light/fair skintone. 

Here's one layer of the stain on my lips, color still looks berry-ish since the natural pigment of my lips blended with the color of the stain. 

here's how 2 layers of the stain look like on my lips. 
the bright red tint is kinda strong on this and the color of my lips is somehow concealed already. 

Here's a blended swatch on my forearm, on the cheeks it would give you a nice pop of color that looks very natural. 

I love that it doesnt leave a mark where you initially dotted the tint. 

It doesnt really say on the site what this stain is made of, but it did say its 100% Organic. :) 

Lush Flush Lip&Cheek Stain stays true to its name -- it stains. So make sure you use a moistened foundation brush to blend it on your cheeks or a lip brush to apply it on your lips. 

Yes I did say moistened foundation brush so it wont eat up the stain and so it would allow you to blend the stain with ease and you wont have to worry about stain patches on your cheeks afterwards. :) 

Brushes would also help you control the pressure you apply on your cheeks which would make it redder than normal, thus, it makes you see if you still have to blend more to distribute the color evenly. 

On your lips, you can use this tint alone or you can top it with lip balm to hydrate the lips or to you can top it with any lip gloss to add shine or sparkle.

This time I used The Face Shop's Celestial Light Lipgloss in shade 2 I think. 

This gloss is colorless and its packed with fine silver, pink and purple shimmer. (LOVE!)

As you can see it goes on clear so it wont affect the color of your lippie. :) 

And here's how it looks on top of 2 layers of Lush Flush Stained Lips. 

I love this stain! :) (and the gloss too! Heehee!) 

It lasts almost the whole day on my lips, minor retouching at the end of the day depending on how often i drink or wipe my lips. 

Tried using this on my cheeks before, no breakouts. It doesnt make my lips dry as well. 

Definitely back-up worthy. Im now searching for a seller who still have stocks for these. 

I bought this more than a year ago and its still good to use. :) 
I would say 12-24 months would be the ideal shelf-life of this stain. 

I got this for around Php 200.00 I think. :) 

The Bad : I have no idea where to get more of this cheekstain :( 
Bath and Body Desserts is the manufacturer of Lush Flush and theyre not selling them anymore :( Got no luck in finding one as well on eBay.  

Have you tried Lush Flush Cheekstain? Share your thoughts! :) 

Lets make a campaign that they should start making Lush Flush again! Haha! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. Totally unrelated, but you have such nice lips! Haha.

  2. Bath & Body Desserts : Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Tint - it was given to me as a xmas gift. also trying to find where can I find this. :(

    i guess i have to try Etude House.

  3. @gidgetmush : the store that sells and makes them is currently closed. :( I hope they resume production soon.


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