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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sheer and Sparkly H&M Glosses

 Im such a hag for sheer, sparkly and yummy-scented Lip Stuff, thats why Ive always been a sucker for lipglosses, i love how they give my lips a nice sheen plus a bit of sparkle to brighten my puckers. 

A fellow make-up addict, and a good friend (KikayMD *thanks bakla!*) recently had a trip to HongKong, she got me glosses from H&M as pasalubongs together with the Canmake blush I reviewed a few weeks back.

These glosses became an instant favorite, wanna know why? 

Read on.. (^_^)

I love how the lipgloss tube toppers are printed with zebra and tiger prints. I have this penchant for cosmetics that have safari-ish design, it matches my zebra froufrou lighted mirror (that im gonna review soon). 

Applicator wand is an angled doe-foot swab

The lipgloss tube itself is big and contains a lot of product, at least I know I wont have to stinge for the fear of finishing it all up easily.

Nothing to complain about the packaging. I just love this product! 

The colors are sheer, some are pigmented and/or shimmery than the others but I dont really mind since I love layering lip products.

and the swatches, 

I took 2 separate pictures since I cant capture how they all look like in just 1 photo.

On this first photo, cam's focus is on shade 1, closest of how it looks in actual.

1- Beige Orchid (sheer nude with gold sparkles)

another photo of the swatches, this time, focused on shades 2, 3 and 4 
(sorry I mistakenly switched the numbering of Pink Flamingo and Pink Lily)

2 - Pink Lily (pigmented hot pink with iridescent shimmer -- Reminds me of Chanel Pink Pulsion)
3 - Coral Hibiscus (sheer coral with iridescent shimmer) 
4 - Pink Flamingo (sheer pale pink with iridescent shimmer) 

They all have the same scent, vanilla-ish, cake-like, it reminds me of Creme Brulee. Yumminess! Whenever I use these glosses, I always get tempted to sniff my lips while pouting wahahaha! :D 

Goof-Proof : Just another swipe-and-go product. 
Use them alone or use as a lipstick topper. :) 

I have this habit of licking my lips or wiping it often to get rid of the grittiness from dust particles that got caught in it. So I would say you would need to reapply every 2-3 hours. Not bad. These glosses taste yummy after all. haha!

Loves it! No allergic reactions from it so far. 

Definitely back up worthy! :) Id have to check H&M out for these glosses on my next trip to HK. 

12months as it says on the tube, longer if with hygienic use. 

I have no idea how much these cost since I got them for free, haha! :D

H&M Stores
(sad to say we dont have H&M yet in the Philippines)

Overall, Im loving this product, Id definitely pick this over MAC glosses. <3 <3 <3 

Have you tried these glosses? Love them too? Share your thoughts. :) 

Thank God Its Friday! 
Whats your plan for the weekend? 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. will check these out! pupunta ako ng Hk next month =)

  2. selos ako, bat ako wala pasalubong? wahaha! lip swatch bakla!!!

  3. khymm : woot! :D let me know if madaming shades available sis. i want more! :D hahah! naeexcite akong pumunta ng HK ulit! waah!

    sol : masyado mahal luho mo bakla, di namin afford ni chel! :D hahaha! donyang donya, ultimo kuko naka dior at chanel! hahahaha! :D will add the photos ng lip swatch tomorrow. tamad na ko mag lagay ngayon hahahaha! :D

  4. masaya naman na ako sa isang polish from sasa *sniff*


  5. masaya naman na ako sa isang nail polish galing sasa, kahit san pa nga, kahit mumu, it's the thought that counts you know! LOL!

    nautusan ko na nga mag b2m si chel nagtampo pa ako? haha

  6. lel : punta tayo ng HongKong shopping tayo nila chel! :D hahaha! ikaw puro NPs kami ni chel puro blush at RMK hahaha! :D di padin ako nakakapag-cart hanggang ngayon, ang busy ni mudra di ko maistorbo palagi to check your website. naemail ko na sakanya yung link eh pati yung blog mo, gusto nun mga pink-lilac-mga kikay colors. ako naman pang mga dark, kainis kasi store mo eh, kumpleto hahaha! :D


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