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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Haul

I couldnt resist the cuteness of these Bath and Body Works Pocketbacs, I even blogged about my lemming for the Jellybean Edition Pocketbacs. 

So yesterday, after receiving my Sephora Loot from Sis Ali, I decided to get more Pocketbacs hoping that these fruity scents wont disappoint (coz I love sis Ali's Fresh Picked Strawberry freebie!) unlike how turned off i was after trying the Strawberry Cupcake variant.

This time I just got one piece of each scent to try them out first. 

The super cute JellyBean Edition in 
Sour Grape 
Crushed Berry 
Sassy Strawberry 

(love these scents! Im definitely getting more before local retailers run out of stocks of these!) 

The fresh Picked edition in Blueberry, Cherries, Strawberries 

Apple and Watermelon

Thered be 3 scents from the Fresh Picked collection that im going to repurchase :
Strawberry (my fave!), Blueberry and Apple.

Im not really digging the scent of the Cherry and Watermelon Variant. 

That wraps up my short post on my Pocketbac Haul.

Anyone else addicted to these cuties? 


  1. I like orange sapphire. Smells so citrus-y! :)

  2. gwacie : i have to try that one, i love citrus scents! :) you should try the fresh picked strawberry variant, it smells so good!


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