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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Resurrecting My "Dead" Gel Liners

I never thought Id reach this far that Id have to think of means how to revive my Gel Liners because I always thought I could buy replacements just in case they dry out. 

Hun and I went out for lunch yesterday, and as I was doing my makeup, I suddenly thought of using my Stila Little Black Dress Smudgepot (from the Barbie Loves Stila Collex), at first glance, it looks like your typical black gel liner, but as you dig thru the pot, youd realize theres a little surprise of pink shimmer hidden in the thick, black cream liner base. 

I was so giddy to dig my brush to it since I cant remember when was the last time I used it, but to my dismay, my brush didnt sink into the creamy liner, I was horrified to see that it was hard as moist chalk. 

So while we were roaming around SM Mall of Asia, I kept on bugging Hun about my "dead" gel liner, in his attempt of trying to console me (hahaha!), he said, why not try putting sterile water or eye drops to moisten it. And it sounded like a great idea, this morning, I googled on how to revive dried-out gel liners and was happy to come across the first blog that used eye drops (brilliant idea, Hun!). 

So i tried "reviving" some of my gel liners this afternoon.. :) 

NOTE : I wanted to take pictures of the whole process but my camera's battery passed away before I was about to take pictures of everything, I decided to proceed even without pictures. 
Bummer. (T_T)

1. Eyedrops as the mixing medium, I used Eye Mo. 
2. Sanitizer - something to sanitize my hands and my spatula with 
3. Spatula - i used a curved, flat head spatula to make it easier to mash, mix and pat. 
4. of course, Dried-Out Gel Liners 
5. Not in Picture, Sterilium pads to wipe off the mess around the rim of my gel liner pot.


1. Sanitize your mixing tool, you can use a toothpick or which tool you wish to mix your gel liner with. 

2. Add 2 to 3 drops of Eye Drops (redundant? haha!) to the pot of gel liner, and gently mash your gel liner to help incorporate the fluid.  

3. Mix thoroughly until you reach a uniform and smooth texture. Make sure to add Eye Drops  1 drop at a time to prevent thinning the gel liner too much. 

4. Pat the cream back into the bottom of the pot, and clean the smudges off the rim of the pot. 


INDELIBLE Gel Liner in Penny



INDELIBLE Gel Liner in Peacock 



INDELIBLE Gel Liner in Tanzanite 



These Indelible Gel Liners are dried-out so bad that you can take the whole thing off the pot with just minimal staining on your fingers, but look at how creamy they are after adding eye drops. Theyre very much like how they were when I first got them. <3 <3 <3 

I was able to take a Before picture of the most critical "patient" that I revived -- my Coastal Scents Purple Gel Liner 

Mashing this is just like mashing chalk, dry and flaky. For some reason, this formula was the hardest to revive since it took me a few minutes of mixing before the eyedrops finally got incorporated in the gel liner base. 

Another Gel Liner I failed to take pictures of is my Stila Little Black Dress Smudgepot that became as creamy as when I first got it. Im so happy I dont need to buy another pot coz Im not even halfway through that pot yet. 

If you have Gel Liners to Revive, especially Limited Edition ones, try this trick to bring it back to life. 

Hope you learned something new with this entry. :) 

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! 


  1. thanks for this jap2x! matry nga sa gel liners ko =)

  2. love this entry japjap! which reminds me...asan ko kaya naisuksok ang stila LBD smudge pot ko :D

  3. khymm : youre welcome sis! :) never thought readily available lang sa bahay ang pang revive sa gel liners ko! :D <3 <3 <3

  4. Chel : alam mo bakla, ang weird, ikaw ang iniisip ko while i was taking pics of the liners, kasi diba I got the cobalt clutch barbie liner from you? remember? coz you said you dont wanna look like lady gaga but you still bought it from rustans? haha!

    theres something wrong with the cover ng pot ng stila smudge pots, parang hindi air tight thats why it dries up so fast kahit na glass pot sha, parang gusto ko lagyan ng 1 more layer ng styro sheet. :D


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