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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitschy Kawaii Gadget Danglers

Warning : Kiddie stuff ahead. 


I love HongKong for cheapie fashionable stuff, branded makeups and all those cheap thrills we can find there.

The Kiddo in me wants to fly back to HongKong soon just to get my hands on more of these... 

Gadget Danglers!! 

Im not actually a collector of Slings/Danglers but I do collect Japanese Dolls, which explains why I got Japanese Doll danglers in every color there is. 

I got those in MongKok, I couldnt actually remember how much they cost coz I just grabbed all the Japanese dolls I wanted without asking how much each of them cost (not a smart shopper eh?)

Mom and I stayed in HongKong last year for about 4 days I think, and the afternoon that we were scheduled to fly back to Manila, we decided to drop by another street market and I bumped into a woman selling these danglers, I love Hello Kitty! I actually love Sanrio Characters, they remind me of how much time I spent looking around Gift Gate back when I was a kid.  

I find it comforting and fun when I get to stare at little cuties like these -- things that remind me much of my childhood. 

They probably mean nothing to others, probably just kiddie stuff, but these little stuffies remind me much of how much my mom and I bonded all throughout my childhood til I became a grown-up. 

I dont have that much in my collection yet, but I promise to get more when I get a chance to fly back to HongKong one of these days.

I also saw those Sanrio danglers for sale at our local Hello Kitty Store here in the Philippines, theyre being sold for Php600.00-1000.00 (around $14-20) each, but I got those for just Php15.00 (less than $0.50 each!) each in Hong Kong. Now Im definitely hoarding more of those! Hahaha! 

So there goes one of my simple kiddie pleasures. :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. Ang cuuuuute!!!! I still have the HK palawit you gave me. :P Inaagaw ng niece ko, ayaw ko ibigay kahit kid. :)

  2. pammy : i know! :D i want more hk and japanese dolly palawits! :D hahaha!


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