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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Few Steps To Gorgeous Lashes

Its undeniable that I love beauty stuff, and a lot of beauty hags like me loves going to the salon, or the spa or wherever to get beauty procedures done, well im different, I love DIY stuff and one of those is "installing" my own falsies. 

I used to be a fan of Lash Extensions but after realizing that its the culprit of my massive lash-fall and that it was too high-maintenance, I stopped having my lashes done at lash salons. 

From then on, I explored the beauty (and the ease of application) of false eyelashes, I started buying cheapie ones (those Php20.00 wonders from the beauty racks of Landmark haha!) so I could practice putting it on. 

From there, I started exploring other brands and came across Ardell, I figured that falsies with invisible bands look more natural and they have a wide variety of false lashes to suit your liking. 

I always follow the NOT TOO LONG & NOT TOO LUSH rule in choosing falsies that would look good on me. Im glad that Ardell has a wide array of falsies that look good on me. Here are a few samples of the lashes that they have : 

There are 10 styles of falsies from this collection that I consider Must-haves for my 
lash stash : 108, 109, 110, 116, 117, 121, 122, 123, 124 and 125.

Aside from choosing the right style, length and thickness of the lashes that would suit you, it is also important to choose the right Lash Glue that will do the job in holding your lashes rain or shine. My HG Lash glue is DUO Eyelash adhesive, Clear or Dark Tone it doesnt matter, I have them both and they both work well. 

If youre wondering which is more cost-effective, False Eyelashes or Eyelash Extensions, I would say False Eyelashes, with proper care, my lashes can last up to a month with everyday use, no kidding. 

Here are a few tips on how to put on and how to care for your false eyelashes : 

What you need : 

1. Falsies

2. A good lash glue (I prefer DUO Lash Adhesive and for those living in the Philippines, Nichido's Lash Glue works well, even better than Duo in my honest opinion) 

3. Tweezers - I prefer Pinch-Style, Angled Tweezers over those tools that claim to be created to make installing false eyelashes a breeze (it does the opposite). 

How do I put Falsies on :

1. Put a thin streak of glue on the False Eyelash band, Do not wait for the glue to be tacky.

2. Instead, grab (using the tweezers) the part of the falsies that would go on the outer right corner of your lid (always start on the outer corner of the eyes when installing falsies). 

3. Position it on top of your natural lash line while the glue is still wet. 

4. Slide it back and forth or closer to your natural lash line for a more natural effect. 

5. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry completely. 

With a little practice, doing this would be easy as 1-2-3. I can now put falsies on even when inside a moving vehicle haha! 

How do I clean my falsies : 

1. After taking them off, I soak them in a petri dish with a few drops of makeup remover or cleansing oil for the glue and mascara to soften. 

2. I wipe the mascara and glue off gently with clean facial tissue. 

3. When theres no residue of mascara and glue left, I put a few drops of Sterilium (hospital grade sanitizer) or a spritz of alcohol to sanitize it before putting it back in its case. 

Voila! Your falsies are now clean and ready to use!

For those who love going to Lash Salons to get Lash Extensions done, please remember that you need to let your eyes rest from the Lash Glue that they use to keep your natural lashes healthy, letting glue stay there for too long will cause your lash follicles to weaken, thus causing lashfall. 

That wraps up my little tutorial for installing and caring for your falsies. 

Hope to be of help for those who are interested in using False Eyelashes and want to do it themselves. 


here's how my bare lashes look like now after a few months of using olive oil.

Thanks to Beabi for selling mascara tubes, application of Olive Oil to my lashes became really easy.


  1. very informative. i have short lashes and chinita eyes. i just use mascara from maybelline and i'm not satisfied with it. i think it's time to try falsies too. by the way, i'm looking for those mascara tube in beabi sm fairview branch but tha SA told me na wala sila nun so i ended up buying a clear mascara tapos tinapon ko yung laman to get the tube. hehehe! saang branch yung beabi na yun?thanks

  2. kath : i got mine from the MOA branch. :D i actually tried to do the same trick before, tinapon ko laman ng clear mascara ko, but then 6months na yung tube with me kaya i decided to replace it and glad i found one in beabi moa. :D i have chinky eyes too! di lang halata sa photo coz i tried to make my eyes look bigger. haha! :D

  3. inggit ako sa lashes mo sis! any olive oil will do?

  4. hi babyjap! i've always liked the effect of falsies but i never had the guts to wear them out. =)

    the olive oil thing sounds brilliant. i will definitely give that a try. thanks!

  5. khymm : I use EVOO, bertolli, any brand naman ata will do. My lashes used to be short and hindi masyado makapal, typical asian, chinky eyes, pero EVOO lang talaga nagpa-kapal and nagpahaba ng lashes ko. <3 <3

    Jackie : try using falsies sis! its super easy to put on, just practice until you get the best technique youre comfortable with. The tips I shared lang is the method that was the easiest for me.


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