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Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Thoughts and Wishful Thinking

Its almost 4 in the morning and Im still up fixing my Blush Collection, I was arranging my blushes according to size and according to their brands, when I found a little lonely baby sitting in one corner of my beautybox, 

I was wondering where her sisters are, I know theyre just sitting somewhere in my closet since I know I have 5 shades of Pout Blushes. 

Is there a brand or a particular beauty product that you wish was not discontinued? For me, it would have to be Pout. 

For those who have just started collecting makeups, you guys are prolly not familiar with this brand anymore since its been how many years since theyve said buh-bye to the cosmetics industry. 

Pout is a European Cosmetic brand, that for some reason, closed down sometime ago. Locally, Beauty Bar used to carry this brand, but as always, the selection was very narrow, and if I remember correctly, they just had a few brushes, lipglosses and some other lip stuff but none of these blushes were sold there. 

I got my Pout Blush loot from Sephora back then. If i remember correctly, these blushes were sold for around $25.00 each. I was still in College that time and had to sacrifice some of my money to purchase 5 blushes from Pout haha! 

I cant remember exactly when Pout announced that the company is closing down, but when I heard about the news, I knew I had to keep my blushes with me, or else, I wont get my hands on them again. 

Here's my Apricot Totty Blush,

isnt she pretty? 
Its a vibrant coral shade thats shockingly bright on the pan but gorgeous when applied on the cheeks!

I know youre prolly thinking Im keeping expired stuff in my stash. Who could ever toss Pout Blushes away when theres nothing about it that you wouldnt love? 

From the cute compact to the formula of the blushes, every makeup junkie would love it to bits. 

One more thing that makes this praise worthy is the amount of product you get in each compact -- 12grams. 

As I write this entry, Im also searching Google for other Pout products circulating in the market today, I only found a few, prolly they are just leftover stocks that sellers want to dispose. *sniff sniff* 

I wanna wake up one day with Pout People announcing they will be back. 

FairyGodmother, Id be a really good girl, just please make my wish come true.. *bats eyelashes* *puppy dog eyes* 


I miss Pout, I hope theyd be back making more pretty makeups soon.
Ever tried Pout products before? Miss the brand too? Share your thoughts.

Thanks for dropping by! 

Live, Love, Stay Fab!! 


  1. wow! the color is really pretty!
    i dont mind keeping old makeups as long as they are valuable.

    by the way, i forgot to tell you, i linked your blog and shopcoholics' blog in my past post here:

    thought its cool to blog about it!

  2. reina : the photos i took couldnt do justice bout how pretty that apricot totty blush is in person. i dont mind keeping old makeups too, keeping them doesnt mean im gonna use them anyway haha! :D

    weee thanks for linking to my blog, and again, thanks for helping me fix my page :) mwah!

  3. very good product review!

    ifollowed your blog hope you could be my follower too!

  4. Pretty Glitters : Hi! :) THanks for droppin by! I followed your blog too! :)

  5. hi dear.have u check this site? it helps u keep track of expired and well,near to expire also into collecting but had to resist from buying to much,i have sensitive skin so had to keep track on the expiry date.i had loreal infallible months ago,and it applied so bad,i stumbled upon this site and surprise surprise! it was already expired! i'm not a beauty blogger,i just love make up!anyway tell me ur thoughts about it.(


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