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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites : Old Packaging vs. New Packaging

Above all the other brands I adore, Guerlain is something I always check for new product releases.
One of my favorite products from Guerlain is their Meteorites, its probably a staple in my make-up stash, not only do I collect different variants of it because of its unique form and cuteness, but I also love how it makes my skin look brighter and radiant.

Guerlain is another European brand that I adore, as we all notice, Euro brands are the most expensive when it comes to beauty products which explains why some get turned off by the hefty price tag of Guerlain Makeups. 

Guerlain Meteorites cost Php 2998.00 from our local Guerlain Counters here in the Philippines, price was based on the Meteorites that come in the old cardboard packaging, Im not really sure if their price increased together with the launching of the Meteorites that come in the new packaging. Holiday Collection and Special Edition releases are also more expensive than those in the regular line.

I was one of those people who wished before that the Meteorites container be upgraded to something much more durable than the cardboard tub, I have always thought it would be friendlier to stash it in my purse it the precious balls were housed in a "better" container.

Hearing the news that the Meteorites now comes in a tin tub, i was giddy to see the new packaging and get my hands on them. I actually thought of selling my old meteorites so I can buy new "upgraded" ones.

When the 2010 Holiday Collection was released, I purchased the Holiday2010 Meteorites immediately, after a week of ordering, I was able to get my hands on my new baby.

I was happy that the packaging looks really nice,

L : Meteorites Holiday 2010 R : Meteorites Mythic

it looked classy, and more expensive (well this one technically is more expensive, but it looks more worthy of the hefty price tag).

a view of the sides of the tubs.

To be honest, I wasnt really that satisfied with the new packaging, yes it sure is sturdier than the cardboard box, but its more unfriendly to bring in the purse.

Nope, not because its heavy, but because its more prone to spillage and the powder "leaks".

As you would notice, the new packaging sports a thin cover made of tin and underneath that cute embossed art on top looks pretty similar to that of the thin, saucer-like covers of canned powdered milk and paint can -- yes the ones you pry open.

this lid doesnt keep a tight fit on the body of the tub.

see how it just sits on top of it, it has a loose fit in my honest opinion, its just perfect for sitting atop your dresser, its not made for stashing in your purse, the lid can come off on its own if it keeps moving inside your purse. 

I also wish that the puff that it came with was a little bigger, no, I dont use the puff but its the only thing that secures the powder from not spilling/leaking, and this one fell a bit short on the size. 

this wouldnt be a problem if you just leave this baby at home, but for someone who loves to do touch-ups in the middle of the day and would always tag along with her all her beauty essentials, this would bother you. look at how the sides of the puff are covered with powder? Thats because the puff doesnt completely cover the balls underneath, and some of the powder residue from the balls tend to leak on the sides of the puff. 

notice how theres just a thin indentation on the rim of the tub? that is to give room for the lid. Which again when compared to the old packaging, 

it has a carboard roll on the rim which secures the puff that fits snugly and prevents powder from leaking. 

It fits perfectly, and theres no spillage/leaks at all. :) 

Another thing, I know it doesnt make a big difference, but its more value for money, the old packaging has 3 grams more product than the one in the new packaging. 

Top : New Packaging ; Bottom : Old Packaging

its 30grams vs 33 grams.

In fairness to Guerlain, the old cardboard packaging is quite sturdy for something thats made with paper, ive stashed my meteorites in my purse a number of times already and there are no signs of wear in the tub itself, there would be slight marks of pressing from other items in my purse, but absolutely no scrapes or tears.

Overall, If I were to choose between the two, I would still pick meteorites in the old packaging since its more stash-friendly than the one in the tin packaging.

Im glad I didnt let go of my Old Meteorites. :) 

Do you love Guerlain? What are your favorite products from the brand? :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! :) 


  1. i think one of the reason why it is packed in a cardboard is that it would protect the meteorites from breaking up unlike if it's going to be packed in a more sturdy ones like tins, plastic or jars...

    i do admit that they look kinda cheap with the old packaging but as what you said they are sturdy,ne? Can really withstand the test of purse-torture..LOL!

  2. Thia : I agree, the cardboard box also serves as a protection, and Ive also learned that the paper decreases the chance of having moisture build up inside the container, thus it prolongs the lifespan of the product.

    but the cardboard boxes are sturdy talaga. :) LOL @ the purse-torture test. haha! :D that best describes the actual scenario inside my bag. haha!


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