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Thursday, May 5, 2011

the Balm Mary-Loumanizer

Aside from collecting blushes, Highlighters/Luminizers also have a special part in my makeup stash, I love how it changes the overall look of my makeup and I also love how it tweaks the effect of my blushes. 

theBalm is an American brand of cosmetics thats made available locally by The Beauty Bar (ooh! we can now shop for their products online! the product selection isnt complete though. boo!). And surprisingly, the mark up wont really hurt the pocket unlike all the other brands the store carries (Styli-Style for one, is overpriced, in my honest opinion). 

I got my Mary-Loumanizer from a swap in GT (thanks K!), and was lucky to have scored it at Php500.00 ($11.00) versus the actual retail price of around Php 950.00 ($22.00), and mind you, the pan I got was just used several times since the hetchmarks are still visible. 

Ive read a lot of reviews for this product before but never decided to get one for myself until I saw the ad on GT (there goes the thrift shopper in me haha!) 

The Luminizing Powder is encased in a silver, lightweight plastic compact which holds 8.5grams of powder. 

Im loving the retro-ish, pin-up girl design that it has, cover flips to reveal a mirror underneath. The product doesnt come with an applicator, which I really dont mind, since my blush brush works just fine in applying this. 

In the pan, the powder appears frosty beige and when applied, it has a hint of silvery gold warm sheen. If youre turned off by the pronounced golden sheen of NARS Albatross, then youll love this, this looks pretty similar to Albatross when applied, but this has lesser gold iridesence which makes the "glow"appear more natural.  

photo above is of a heavy swatch of Mary-Loumanizer. 

The powder blends easily, its finely milled, but not silky as other products ive tried but its definitely not gritty. 

its Paraben-Free <3 <3 <3

As a general rule, highlighters shouldnt be applied to the entire face to brighten it, but its meant to emphasize key areas only such as shown on the illustration below 

Remember to apply highlighters subtly with a light hand to make the effect more natural, or else youd prolly look like a disco ball when you pack in too much shimmer on your face. 

Surprisingly, this has better staying power than NARS Albatross, the pigment stays even after rubbing my swatch several times, whereas Albatross is gone after a couple of rubs. 

On the face, it lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. <3

Skin definitely loves it! Used it for 2 consecutive days now, no breakouts. :) 

If its a Limited Edition item, id prolly have to get a backup once im halfway through this pan, but if its not LE, I dont think theres a need to purchase a backup for it since a pan would last really long. 

12-24months. Prolong the lifespan with hygienic use. 

Sells for around Php950.00 ($22.00) or $24.00 from Sephora. 
(Now I just noticed its cheaper from Beauty Bar, I wonder how that happened haha!)

Beauty Bar -- Store Locator


Will write a review with swatches of the other luminizers I love in the coming days, but for now, lemme drool and wish on having this soon : 

Another gorgeous product from theBalm. 

Anyone tried MaryLoumanizer and BettyLoumanizer before? 
Share your thoughts. :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. Crystal : you should try it, its really nice, i think it would look nice on you as well. :)

  2. Where did you buy this? Can u send me a link please? Thanks! :)

  3. Where did you buy this? Can u send me a link please? Thanks! :)


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