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Saturday, May 7, 2011

*~* Wishlist *~*

I killed my lemming for some beauty stuff I wanted before, but apparently, the lemming was just diverted to a few stuff I found on the 
Jelly Pong Pong website. 

You see, I have this crazy penchant for cute stuff, thats why ive always been a fan of Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics, from the packaging to the yummy scents of their cosmetics, this brand will surely become an instant fave for makeup hags like me. 

I used to have their Jelly Push Up Blush and a few other lipglosses that were discontinued already. 

Since they pulled out their Brand from Sephora and when the brand suddenly became unavailable thru eBay International, I wasnt able to grab more JPP stuff again. 

Im actually eyeing just 3 items, all of them are lip products :) 

Price tags are pretty hefty when converted to Philippine Peso, but then those gloss tubes are huge and they contain 22 ml each. So I guess the product is worth every penny. 

Not sure about how the formula is, but I dont really care, the glosses are just so cute that it would be hard to resist not getting my hands on these soon. :) 

More product reviews + swatches coming up, just have to bathe my dogs for now haha! 


  1. Bakit kasi yun mga cute na brand hindi available dito! Tara sis, dun na tayo sa UK tumira LOL

  2. Krys : yun nga din iniisip ko eh, bakit kaya daming brands na hindi available dito, e madami din namang mga adik sa muk-ap and are willing to spend on mukap naman. :D di naman sila malulugi eh, manawagan tayo krys hahaha! :D


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