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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ERIM Express : Finally a Reliable Courier Service in Cavite

Ive always been a loyal shipper of Air21 before they placed a minimum of 1k consolidated shipping fees per pick-up. 

Since everyone around the house are busy and I couldnt ask anyone else to drop by the courier outlet to drop off packages that I send once in a while, I searched for other courier companies that do free pick-ups and had no minimum fees to do such. 

JRS Express was out of my option because of 2 separate cases of unauthorized opening of my packages (2 separate incidents where one of the contents of my package was missing).

Im not a full-time netrepreneur but I do sell some of my unused stuff once in a while, and coming across a courier service that gives superb service is a relief. No more hassles of making time to drop by the courier just to ship one or two packages. 

I heard about ERIM Express when I ordered something from eBay and the seller sent it via MetroWide Express, I received a package which had a small flyer of ERIM Express attached to the waybill. 

I got interested and tried their service when I had to send a package to a buyer in Ilo-Ilo. 
After sending them an SMS message, I immediately got a reply confirming that their delivery guy will pick up the package that same day. Service was smooth -- the consignee received the package the next day! Talk about fast shipping. It was only then that I found out that they endorse packages to LBC for Provincial Deliveries and via Xend Express for deliveries within Metro Manila. 


To date, I have prolly sent a hundred packages to different destinations around the Philippines thru ERIM Express and they havent failed me, not even once. 

Service was consistently prompt and packages were always delivered on time.

So for all netrepreneurs that are based in Cavite, or for those who live in Cavite and needs to send out packages and want a cheap but reliable courier service, call or text ERIM Express. 

I mentioned their rates are cheap, right?

See? Even Shipments bound outside Cavite are cheap, considering outside-Cavite packages are endorsed to LBC! :) 

Cut-Off Schedule : 

Kudos to the ERIM Express Team (especially to Kuya Albert wh0's super prompt in picking up my packages hehe!) for giving consistent, commendable courier service!! 

Keep up the good work! :) 

Peace and Love,


  1. I think the first package I got from you was delivered by LBC. The second and third were delivered by Xend. Could it be that LBC endorses some of the packages to Xend since they are also tied up? Nalito ako. :D

  2. Pammy : ah so prolly provincial deliveries ang LBC probably and Xend Express for M.Mla. :) Some of my buyers kasi who lives in Manila got their packages thru LBC din. anyways, thanks for the heads up. I edited na my intitial post. :)

  3. I was so impressed with this blog , I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

  4. Thank you so much for this review babyjap! I live in cavite and it's also a pain to look for a reliable courier who'll pick up my items. :D


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