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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk

The first review Im going to do today is for The Body Shop's Cucumber Cleansing Milk, we all know how pricey TBS products are in this part of our planet. But for the sake of those who doesnt know, The Body Shop is one of the drugstore brands in the UK. cool huh? 
Im always amazed by how great the quality of Euro Products are, but im pretty much disappointed that they become really expensive when converted to our currency (Phil. Peso). 

The Body Shop is considered to be one of the mid-end brands here in the Philippines, when talking about the price range and all (imagine in UK, TBS is just like our local HBC stores here). I breakout from their bath gels and soaps, so I never dared to try their skincare products coz I fear that I might breakout from those as well.
I can only swear by their lip butters, body butters and the cleansing milk im about to do a review for. 

I dont really know what pushed me to purchase the Cleansing Milk, but its prolly because im on a desperate hunt to look for something to match the quality of Nivea Cleansing Milks that apparently have discontinued distribution in the Philippines and i dont know why. 

Im happy with how my Dior Cleansing Milks remove makeup, moisturize my face on the process and doesnt cause me breakouts, but im pretty sure a lot could relate that there are times that we go thru a phase of addiction to a certain beauty product and all you want is to explore different brands and different formulations until you come up with several faves, even if youve already found one that has an HG potential.

Here's a peek on the Cleansing Milk Im talking about : 

It comes in the classic 250ml flip-lid TBS bottle, similar to those of their Bath Gels.  

A closer look on what TBS says about the product.

One more thing I love about TBS products, they are earth-friendly. :) 

"Wipe away makeup, dirt, excess oil and unclog pores with a zesty, refreshing, lightweight cleanser.This refreshing cleansing milk also gently lifts excess oils, make-up and impurities to leave you feeling clean, fresh, soft and smooth. Features Community Trade organically grown soya oil, which helps to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness."

TBS' Cucumber cleansing milk bears this light, minty-green color and has a mild, refreshing cucumber scent. 

As for the texture, its pretty thick for a Cleansing Milk, well at least for me, as ive tried loads of cleansing milks before and all of them are as thick as heavy cream. This one's different, the consistency is really creamy, just a bit runnier than TBS body butters. 

I kinda have a hard time getting product out of the bottle since its thick and youd have to squeeze the bottle which is hard coz the plastic bottle isnt really the squeezable type. I wish this product came in a bottle with pump so it would be easier to dispense the cream out  of the bottle. 

 I still love the product though, so the bottle doesnt bother me big time. :D hehe! 
The thick cream melts a little when in contact with the warmth of the skin to a smooth creamy consistency. 

Oops, I see alcohol, so it can prolly be a little drying, but I really dont think so, since theres glycerin and other emollients included to moisturize and soothe the skin.

 To be honest, i have no idea what the other ingredients are for, but im happy to see that theres Natural Cucumber Juice included in the concoction, which explains why it makes my skin really fresh and rejuvenated after using this. 

I just slather an ample amount of the product onto my face and massage it gently in circular, upward motion. 

After letting it soak for about 2-3 minutes, I wipe it off gently using baby wipes or cotton pads. 

For removing eye makeup, I just use the CleansingMilk-soaked Cotton pad to wipe my eye area, this works really well even on my toughest-to-remove mascara (IMJU Fiberwig).

You have the option to wash your face afterwards, but since Im lazy, I just doze off after wiping all the cream off my face. 

This product is really great, I dont even need to put moisturizer after and my skin feels soft and supple in the morning. :) 

Product hasnt caused me to breakout, so I guess my skin loves it! :)

12 months, it says on the bottle.

I got it for Php570.00 ($13.00) on eBay Philippines.
I have no idea if this product is available in our local TBS stores, so I also dont have any idea how much it costs here. 

If the item's not available locally, then eBay Phils is the best place to get it. 

Im already planning to get a 2nd bottle since im not sure if they have it in our local TBS stores. 


That wraps up my little review.  

Thanks for droppin by! 

Live, Love, and Stay Fab!! 

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