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Saturday, May 21, 2011

SUNSILK Damage Repair Reconstruction Serum

Yay! to the first ever Hair Product that Im going to review. 

My hair is low maintenance, by that, I mean that Im not the type of girl who loves going to the salon to get my regular hair treatment done. 

Over-the-counter, Goof-Proof hair treatment products/serums/overnight creams satisfy me since I dont want my hair to look flat and super straight. Ive always loved the body my hair has, wavy, shiny, long and healthy. 

To be honest, I dont really splurge on hair products that much because my hair loves a not-so-expensive shampoo brand thats available even in your nearest Sari-Sari Store -- SUNSILK.
As we all know (TVC's are always on air almost every 30minutes! haha!) SUNSILK Teamed up with a number of hair experts to reformulate and revamp their hair products. Along with the team-up, they also released a few more hair products aside from their shampoos, conditioners and hair treatment creams, one of those is the new Sunsilk Damage Repair Reconstruction Serum, Ive seen several reviews for this product online so Im not really sure how long it has been out in the market, but its new to me since I just usually ask the helper to get me the typical -- Shampoo- Conditioner and Hair Treatment Cream from the Sunsilk Damage Repair Line whenever they pay trips to the supermarket. 

I just saw the product when I was browsing the shelves of Watsons a couple of months ago, I wasnt really expecting much from it since I thought it would just serve the same purpose as the good old Vitress, Loreal Serums and other Hair Serums ive tried and did not like. 

So here's a little review I'll make for this one, 

The slim pump bottle originally comes  in a cardboard box that I threw away after opening the product. Sorry. Heehee. 

But the bottle itself has a neat pump thats twists to lock, so thered be no accidental pressing and spilling on your purse. 

Pretty much similar to the consistency of other serums in the market, thick, clear and shiny. 

I hate how sloppy some people look because of hair serums, its like they just slapped the serum onto the roots of their hair thinking it would be enough to slide to the tips of the hair and make it look healthy. 

A few tips on how I use Hair Serums 

1. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying hair serums, this makes you "eyeball" (thanks Rachael Ray) how much youve put on already. 

2. Use one pump at a time until you reach the desired sheen on your hair. 

3. One pump on the palm of your hand, warm it by rubbing both palms together to spread the serum.  

4. Run your fingers starting on the lower thirds of your hair since that portion tends to be the driest. The "leftover" serum on your hand then goes to the rest of the hair, make sure you run your fingers through your hair to distribute the serum evenly. 

5. Use more until you reach a healthy looking sheen on your hair. Too much is always bad, too much serum on your hair will most likely cause it to look limp, greasy and lifeless. 

Why I included this part -- Other serums ive tried caused me to break-out. This one didnt. <3 <3 <3 

Definitely Back-Up worthy. Im wishing they wont discontinue this product. 

A year perhaps, but its so nice that youd love to use it everyday, so a bottle I would say would last for about 3months with everyday use. 

I forgot how much this costs exactly, but my guesstimate would be around Php 100.00 - Php 150.00. Not bad for something that performs well.

Leading Supermarkets

Really really love this product! Something I would recommend over those expensive serums in the market. 

Have you tried this? Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts. 


I miss this :
Does anyone know if the Sunsilk Summer Fresh Variant is out in the market now? 

Happy Weekend Everyone! :) 


  1. I love the new Sunsilk range! I'm using the orange variety, too. It def repaired my salon damaged hair. I am thinking on doing a review on it either but I may have to wait till I tried the serum. :))

  2. Yen : same here, im actually torn between the pink variant and the orange variant coz i love them both. hahaha! :D The serum is worth trying sis, its a great product.

  3. I'm using the damage repair shampoo and conditioner. Will try their serum once my Vitress runs out. Thanks!

  4. gwacie : i tried vitress before, but it triggered my scalp to be so oily, and it caused me to break out kaya i stopped using it. This one from Sunsilk is really nice.

  5. I have this too. =) Okay nga siya kapag bagong lagay, nakakabagsak ng buhok at shiny. Kaso kapag nagtatagal na, medyo nagiging dry na ulit. At least before, medyo matagal ko na din nagagamit ulit eh. Haha. Ma-try nga ulit.

  6. blackshirt : sakin naman i use it to add a little more shine and to tame my hair a little, pero hindi naman "nakaka-bagsak" coz i dont want my hair to be bagsak. Well it depends din probably on how much you put on, pag medyo madami, well prolly nakaka-bagsak nga sha.. :) It doesnt make my hair dry naman, coz i dont use hair straightening irons/blow dryers or anything that can make my hair dry. no hair treatments din kasi ako. :D

  7. I'm pretty much low-maintenance about my hair too, buhay na ko sa daily shampoo. Haha. My hair's pretty straight kaya nagiging bagsak yung effect kapag naglalagay ako, which is okay naman kasi ayoko ng buhaghag.

  8. blackshirt : haha! im weird, ako naman i want my hair to be a little buhaghag, ayoko ng flat na flat na hair. :D


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