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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DiOR Gaucho Lip Palette

Im feeling so lazy today and got nothing to do so I decided to review something in my stash. 

This palette was given to me as pasalubong from Dad's trip to Malaysia last year. 

I was surprised to see that he has good taste in choosing which colors would look good on me haha! :D 

This lip palette comes in a classy metallic leatherette clutch (I SUPER LOVE THE PACKAGING!), it is called the Gaucho Palette because the clutch's design was inspired by Dior's Gaucho Bag 

This classy little make-up clutch contains 6 pans of lipsticks and tinted lipglosses. 

All shades have a lipsticky texture except for 4 and 6 that bears the texture and consistency of tinted lipgloss.
I did a little research (thru Google haha!) to look for the exact shade names in this palette, but I wasnt lucky to find any that says what colors this palette has.  

#1 - Opaque Brick Red

♥♥♥ #2 - Sheer Frosted Cool Pink ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ #3 - Pale PeachyPink ♥♥♥

#4 - Beige/Nude

#5 - Nude with a hint of Mauvey-Pink Tone

#6 - Sheer Pale Pink

I love that none of these colors made my lips dry and I dont mind toting this palette around even if it takes up more space than a regular pop of lipstick because the colors I can come up with is endless.

The package comes with a double-ended lip brush, but I like bringing a separate lip brush to use for this. 
Dip, swipe and blend. Create your own shade. 

The formula is semi-sticky -- what I mean by that is its less sticky compared to MAC Lipglass. 
Colors would last a good 3-4 hours. 

Not really sure If i can still get one, but im definitely going to try out other palettes from Dior knowing how good this palette is. 

12-24months with hygienic use. 

If you want this exact palette, my best bet would be eBay. 
Dad got this from Duty Free during the first quarter of 2010. 

Overall, I love this palette, and Im definitely keeping it even if Ive used up all the stuff in it. :D 

I think Dior Limited Edition Palettes are worth collecting, noh? I think I wanna start building an LE Dior Palette stash. 

This Dior Collection is Drool Worthy, Agree?  

Peace and Love, 


  1. ohh the shades look gorgeous on you! inggit talaga ako sa lips mo jap2x! haha

  2. khymm : thanks sis! :) haha! :D mwah!


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