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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foodie Post : Jollibee Chicken Nugget Crunchers & Flavored Fries

Home Alone on a Sunday, its rainy and I had no idea what I wanted to have for lunch today so I decided to just have fastfood delivered so I wont have to cook anymore. LOL! 

Since I already completed 3 sets of McDonalds Coke Can Glasses and despite the not-so-good reviews/feedbacks, Ive finally decided to try out Jollibee's Chicken Nugget Crunchers and their Flavored Fries.

So today, I ordered 5pc Chicken Nugget Crunchers and Flavored Fries (Four Cheese)

My expectations were high because I have McDonald's McNuggets as basis of comparison. 

So I would say Im pretty much disappointed with Jolly Nuggets for the following reasons : 

-- You could actually feel from the texture that the nuggets are packed with extenders, Im not really bothered that it has carrot bits but the texture does say that theres loads of extenders in it, I would say the texture is just a bit coarser than the texture of Squidballs. 

-- Since you could actually feel the extenders which reminds me of the texture of the fish (fish and fries/chips) and Squidballs, Jolly Nuggets taste artificial as well and pardon me for this, I think its packed with MSG since Im salivating after eating 3pieces of it (Im not used to eating food with MSG so I feel weird whenever I consume anything thats loaded with MSG) 

-- The BBQ Sauce that comes with it tastes bland, I wish it tastes something close to the BBQ sauce that comes with McNuggets, a little tangy and sweet, just the right balance to get rid of the "umay" (losing appetite to eat more of the same thing). I believe its the same BBQ Sauce that they serve with their BBQ Chicken except that this one that comes with the Jolly Nuggets is more bland and a little sweeter. 

Jolly Nuggets A La Carte cost Php 82.50, has 5 nuggets in it. 
If you actually like the taste and I would say its worth it since its cheaper than the one from McDonalds, but for me, Im gonna add a few more bucks and get myself a 6-piece McNuggets instead. 

Definitely not ordering Chicken Nugget Crunchers again. 

For the Flavored Fries, I still got curious to try it though it didnt gather much positive reviews from the peeps of GirlTalk, I had this mad craving for Potato Corner Flavored Fries this afternoon so I decided to give Jollibee's a go hoping that it could fix my craving.

I wanted to try both flavors but the Jollibee branch that serves our area ran out of Sour Cream seasoning already, so I just got Four Cheese instead. 

Since most Girltalkers didnt like Jolly Flavored fries because according to them, it was too bland (seems like Jollibee's stingy in adding cheese/sourcream powder LOL!), I added a note in my online order form that they add more seasoning on my fries. 

as you can see on the photo below, my fries was indeed packed with cheese powder, but I still didnt like it. It was too salty and it lacked the creamy, cheesy taste that other cheese fries have. I still prefer McDonald's Flavored Fries.

-- Ranting ends here --

Sorry Jollibee, you are so cute but I really have to be honest with this review. I was really disappointed with my orders today and the only thing I can rave about is the competence of your online delivery service. 

Jollibee Online Delivery is so efficient that I never experienced order errors and other problems eversince I started placing my orders online, unlike McDonald's who never fails to have missing items, spilled stuff, etc for each delivery.

PS : Since I wasnt able to finish my food, Im still hungry! LOL! 

Hows your Weekend, Lovelies? 

Live Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. I hate identifying meat extenders when I chow my meals down. Thanks for the warning japjapbaby.

    It's good that their delivery service was superb though.

  2. @herroyalbleakness :

    first bite pa lang, i knew i wont be able to finish all 5 nuggets, ang lakas maka-umay nung extenders nya, yung texture nya a little coarser lang than yung loob ng squidballs. (T_T)

    handsdown sa delivery service though, maliban sa on time sila lagi, consistent din na they follow special instructions. <3

  3. the nuggets look dry.. mcdo's nuggets still tops my list! and yes, even my sis didn't like their flavored fires.

  4. Clap clap at their service if that is so. Sayang lang yung quality nung nuggets... tinipid masyado.

    Swerte ko sa nanay ko dahil we are able to get McDo nuggets at a fraction of how much McDo sells them. Kaya solb nako and no need to look for other fastfood's nuggets hehe.

  5. Jollibee's really fond of using carrot bits in their menu. The 39-ers meatballs also has it. Hmmm, the extenders part on the nuggets now gave me second thoughts on ordering it. Maybe one of these days I'll still try it out for myself. :)

  6. @[pinkc00kies] :

    In fairness to Jollibee, the nuggets are quite juicy while its still hot, once it cools, it becomes something squidball-ish. ack.

  7. @herroyalbleakness :

    Same here, we also buy uncooked McDo nuggets in bulk, always been a fave. :D

  8. @Rose ♥ :

    Havent tried the meatballs yet, is it any good?


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