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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Made Me Smile Today

Heya Ladies!
Blogger was acting up the whole afternoon and I was supposed to post this entry earlier. 

I went thrift shopping with Mom the other day in Bangkal Makati, I thought I wont be able to grab stuff for myself anymore because I didnt see anything that I like since most of the stuff there are house decors, furnitures and other household whatnots. 

Until we came across this store that sells furnitures, I walked around to check if theres anything that mom would like but instead, I saw stuff that caught my fancy for vintagey, pop-artsy things. I came across 2, dusty pop-art lunchboxes.

Since they're cheap (Php 50.00/$1.00 each), I decided to get them though theyre dirty and I had no idea if the dirt would come off after washing. 

I totally forgot that I have them until this morning when Ate Gene (our househelp) handed them to me after she cleaned and sanitized them.  

They look much nicer when theyre clean, they dont even look like theyre used already. 

Here's the first one, its made of patent material and has a small see-through window in front and its hot pink. 

Super cute! 

The second box is made of pebbled plastic with newspaper-like prints. This one's nice too! 

And these succeeding items are from the mail yesterday, I went home from the mall nauseated and dead tired, it was an early sign for an impending migraine attack. 

I managed to open the package and check out the contents but wasnt able to look at them closely coz I dozed off rightaway, so I just checked it out again this morning.

I got 2 Kokeshi Pencil Cases from KikayMD! 

This first one is overloaded with cuteness, the dolls are embossed and they look just so cute! 

Im not gonna use it to preserve its beauty. Nyahaha! 

This 2nd Pencil Case Matches the Notebook I got from KikayMD as well. 

Who could ever resist buying Kokeshi stuff? Theyre just too cute! 

Here's how the pans inside the pencil case look like.

Edited this post to add photos of the Kokeshi Notebook that KikayMD got for me about a month ago. :) 

Each page is different from others, it has different pictures of Geishas and Japanese Dolls. 

(Hachi and Aiko at the background)

Im a kid at heart, simple things make me happy.

So, how about you, what is it that made you smile today? 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. I didn't smile today..coz I missed my bus! >_< lol... But oh wait...I guessed I did smiled a bit when my bro bought me breakfast. XD
    Anyway, those lunchboxes are super artsy! I especially love the hot pink one (aahh, bless the girlish soul in me..XD) and nice kokeshi items! I honestly never heard of them.. but they're cute!

  2. those kokeshi stuffs are too cute~

  3. @aisyah De Cullen : your brother's so sweet! thats enough for making up for the missed bus haha! :D

    i love the hotpink lunchbox too! <3 <3 regarding the pencil cases, Kokeshi dolls and japanese dolls are the same, except that kokeshis are the baby dolls so theyre cuter. :D

    @Kitten : totally agree! :))

  4. cute pencil cases! do you really collect those? they're so adorable! followed you bwt. :D

  5. @MissKatv : I started collecting kokeshi dolls, but then recently, i started to "invest" on purchasing other stuff with kokeshi prints on it. :)


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