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Monday, June 27, 2011

Swatchfest VI : NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils

Sorry Ladies if I took a long break from swatching, the weather was uncooperative thats why I wasnt able to do my swatches last week, it was so dark outside and I cant really capture the real color of the lippies. 

Going back to my swatch porn, Im posting a short review and a partial rundown of the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils 

Enjoy! :) 

Im loving the smooth, creamy formula of these pencils, very easy to apply plus shape and size of the stick is very easy to use even for people with thin lips and are having a hard time putting lipcolor on using regular sized lipsticks.

The formula also keeps my lips moist and hydrated, no dry, windburned lips.

Jumbo pencils are convenient to stash on your makeup kits since its thinner than the average lipstick but chubbier than the regular lip liner pencil. 

These Jumbo Pencils works in 2 ways : Lipliner or a Lipstick. 

Available in 32 lip-smacking colors. 

Enough of the long Intro, here are the first 4 swatches I did this afternoon. 

** NOTE ** 

Picture Heavy Post. 

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Please check back for the rest of the swatches in the coming days.. 

To Order, click on the image below

How was your weekend? 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. ooooh looking forward to more swatches!

  2. looking forward to more swatches!

  3. @DaMnViXeN



    Hope you ladies check this entry from time to time as Ill be updating it once I get my hands on the other shades. :) Im itching to get my hands on the other jumbo lip pencils too! The formula spreads smoothly I love it to bits! And the pigmentation is superb. Definitely better than NARS lip pencils in my honest opinion. :)

  4. So far I'm loving Hot Red! :D

  5. Are these lip pencils supposed to twist up? Mine won't twist up and I don't know how to get the rest of the product! I finally found my perfect red too (Hot Red)! Please help! Maybe mine is defective?

  6. @coleenpq : You are supposed to sharpen it coleenpq.. :)

  7. @Clare Bear : Im sorry for the little delay in uploading the rest, I still havent received the rest of the colors of this. :) Will surely update this post soon as I get the loot. thanks for droppin by! :)


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