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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Benefit Box O' Powders' Packaging Gets Revamped

A lot of beautyhags were complaining about the not-so-nice packaging idea of the Benefit Box O' Powders before, aside from the fact that its made of cardboard (Ive got nothing against this since its environment-friendly), its quite inconvenient that the cover isnt attached to the box and it doesnt have a mirror. 

So after launching Bella Bamba, the first Box O' Powder in the new mirrored, flip-type packaging, 

All the other Box O' Powders now comes in the same flip-type, mirrored box. 

Much more convenient to use, cover wont fall off, plus they've included a mirror on it. 

From 0.42 oz, the Box O' Powders now contain 0.32oz of powder for the same price. 


I think im sticking with my old Box O' Powders since theres more value for money. 

Before I forget, I also wanna take this chance to remind everyone to buy from authorized or trusted retailers of Benefit Cosmetics only since there are a lot of fake Benefit items on eBay and other external selling sites nowadays. 

Whats your take on the new packaging?

Do you love Benefit Powders? Whats your fave? Share your thoughts! :) 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. I do notice that when alot of companies want to make more money on their "prized" products, they change the packaging, instead of increasing the price because if they increase the price, all the customers will notice and will complain, but if they change the look of the packaging, most customers will usually just notice the new "hip" packaging and not notice the change of quantity; thus, companies can still make more money. I think this is a much more slick and sneaky way.

    Mac has revamped the packaging of their pigments and also reduced the quantity to make a bigger profit.

  2. I was eyeing an eBay posting for Benefit CORALista since the starting bid was quite low (just P499) and there were no other bidders. But after reading about Benefit fakes on the eBay forums, I suddenly had apprehensions about its authenticity. And just now, I viewed the posting again and the starting bid just went up to P699 with a But It now price of P700! Hmmm... What do you think?

  3. @Joyce

    I agree, Joyce! I noticed that too! If their sales reach a plateau, or when the sales no longer pick up, thats the time they decide to revamp the product's packaging and decreasing the actual content of the product. Sneaky.


    Id have to say, let the deal go, I dont really go for ultra cheap deals unless its for something that doesnt have "clones" in the market, but for benefit, Im pretty sure 700 would be for a fake one, that price would be fair prolly for something thats used, but for a brand new one, im guessing its a fake.

  4. @BabyJap,RN

    I was kinda thinking of that too, but I needed an expert opinion just to be sure. Haha. Thanks much! =)

  5. @blackshirt13 :

    nyahaha expert talaga? :D nag-aadik lang sa muk-ap! :D haha! dont mention it sis, glad to be of help. :)

  6. Hey,
    I’m awarding you the Butterfly Award for being one of the coolest blog I know. You may or may not pass it on. Just paying it forward.

    * * *

    I like bella bamba!

  7. @Rae : Wow Rae, I just read your article about the award, thank you so much for the kind words, im definitely passing the award on :) THank you so much! <3 <3 <3

    PS : I love bella bamba! it smells so good pa! :D


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