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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYX Basic Must-Haves Part I : Creme-Finish Round Lipsticks

I'm not a beauty guru but I sure am a beauty junkie who loves checking out makeup each time I pay the Cosmetics Section a visit, one of our usual dilemmas is choosing which lipsticks we should get from the wide range of shades that are available in the market. I'm pretty sure a lot of you can relate to this. 

I have recently posted 164 swatches of NYX Round Lipsticks : 140 out of 144 shades from their Regular Line plus 24 more that were recently launched in the market, I'm guessing it made everyone more confused on which ones to get first, right? 

So here's a little help for those who cant decide which ones to get first, I'm categorizing the lippies into the basic must-haves for every Vain Jane out there, this post will cover Creme-Finish (shimmer-free/frost-free) NYX Round Lipsticks, I'll be making a separate post for the Frosts in a couple of days so please watch out for that soon :)

Note : 

There are some shades that fall under 2 or more categories, I am an NC25 on MAC by the way and Im using my skintone as basis for the MLBB shades. 

Narcissus and Strawberry Milk has a little shimmer/frost but I included them here since theyre so pretty haha! :D  

Im sure these 4 basic categories of lipstick shades would cover most of what suits a Vain Chic's liking for lippies. Please check back soon for my post on the Basic Must-Haves for the Frost-Finish Round Lipsticks! :) 

What are your faves from this set?

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Chilly Sunday Night Everyone! :) Thanks again for dropping by! 


  1. love love the shades! hot pink is so hot! love the color^^ thanks for the swatches dear.really helpful :D

  2. this post is really helpful! thank you so much! I literally gave up on NYX round lipstick coz everytime I buy one, the color doesn't seem to suit me.. >__< I'm eyeing a lot of your MLBB shades.. ^___^ Honestly, I've never heard of some of the shade names before like blush and paparazzi. maybe they're new..

  3. Awww, this is sooo intuitive of you.

  4. @Locke

    HotPink is Gorgeous! :) You should get one! :) <3 <3 <3 I already got one for myself and for my mom :D

  5. @aisyah De Cullen

    dont mention it sis! :) my pleasure to share the swatches with everyone! :) some swatches can sometimes be deceiving, some look so different in person right? we had the same experience, its hit or miss, thats why i tried to capture the real color payoff of the lippies so that it wont confuse readers. :)

    paparazzi and blush are from the 24 new shades :

    NYX added a few more fab shades to suit everyone's taste for lipsticks. :)

  6. @Rae

    I knew I had to post something like this coz after trying every single lip product from nyx, I became more confused on which ones to purchase first haha! :D even those shades that I thought wont look good on me actually looks nice on me haha! :D

  7. wow great job! i love your blog and all the swatches you made! subbed!! :D

  8. Ang iskeyri ng strawberry milk! LOL

  9. @shoutingwind

    that shade reminds me of lady gaga, fair naman ako but I cant really pull off wearing milky-pink shades. haha!

  10. Hi jap, i think I have fig, honey, strawberry milk and baby pink shades but unfortunately my 2 year old son made them fall out of its cases. ginawang crayon then sinulat sa bed sheet namin. I ended up transferring it sa pill conatainer tapos binigay ko sa sister ko lahat. di kasi ako marunong gumamit ng lip brush. btw, sabi ni hubby yung strawberry milk ok na shade for christmas kasi may glitters. tapos yung baby pink sa isang blog mo parang donut daw pag nasa lips ko. hahaha.

  11. hi jap! actually, i'm confused on what shades to get in Nyx but with your swatches, I have now my list! yey!

  12. @Hot_Cheek : wow, thats good to hear sis! nice to know ive helped you decide on which ones to get! :) <3

  13. Lovely :D i like the first shade out of all, i like natural looks. i cnt beleive i didnt see this post till now :)

  14. @aMz88 : Thanks, sweetheart! <3 Thats my fave too!

  15. Sis, magkamukhang magkamukha naman ang iconic at thalia. Ano sa tingin mo ang mas magandang bilhin? :]


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