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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swatchfest II : NYX Megashine Glosses

Swatchfest still isnt over, we're giving you another round of Swatchfest, but this time, its for the Megashine Lip Glosses. 

Personally, Im picking megashine glosses over MAC Lipglass first is because of the price (oh yea, I can be really stingy at times haha!) and because NYX doesnt have that sticky consistency that MAC Lipglasses have. 

Pigmented, packed with gorgeous shine, and smells oh-so-yummy -- reminds me of Big Boy BubbleGum (anyone else here who can relate? :) ) 

Im sorry if I would make it harder for you guys to choose the best shades (all of them are really pretty!) 

More swatches to follow... ^_^ 


Note : 

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such images may not be reproduced or may be used in external selling or blogging sites without notice. 

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Rainy, Chilly Thursday Gorgeous Chicas! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. Debi : Couldnt agree more! :D Im having a hard time choosing which ones to get for myself. :(

  2. OMG, the red shades are so pretty.

  3. Rae : agree! Super pigmented the red ones, they can pass as liquid lipstick.

  4. im in loooveee with burgundy!

  5. May I just say, "ikaw na!" I mean, noong nagsabi si Lord ng magandang lips (shape and color), nagsa-sunbathing ka kaya nakuha mo lahat. Lovely lip glosses. Sorry ha, medyo weird mag-compliment ng lips pero ang ganda talaga. I am sure you get that a lot.

  6. kikaykendz : i love the color, sobrang strong but it looks nice on me, unlike other lippies na natry ko.. :)

    Dinna : hahaha! :D thanks for the kind words sis! im loving the glosses too! im having a hard time prioritizing which ones to get first. haha!

  7. I know uulitin ko lang sasabihin ng mga tao.. Pero i can't help myself na sabihing ang ganda ng lips mo! Waaah! So kissable... Kainggit.. :D suwerte ng bf/hubby mo sis...


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