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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All for the love of NYX Stuff

If some of you havent noticed, I made a separate tab for the NYX Swatches on my Blog's Navigation Tab to make it easier for readers to locate the swatches I made for NYX and Digital Traincase. :) 

I have also grouped the shades into several categories such as Creme Finish, Frosts, MLBB, Nudes, Reds, Pinks and MLBB Shades to make it easier for you, Ladies to choose the perfect shade that suits your taste and personality. 

Ill be updating the contents of that page from time to time with new categories and new product swatches, so please check back often. 

Thanks to everyone who made my NYX Swatch Posts a hit. 

Love and Kisses to Everyone! :) 


  1. @aisyah De Cullen :

    Aside from my love for makeups, its my readers who inspire me to do better at this.. :D So thanks to people like you who pay my site a visit mmwah! :)

  2. your swatches are really helpful because i'm obsessed with NYX lippies~ <3

  3. @queerpinkfish :

    nyx lippies are super nice, even better than some mid-range brands. :)

  4. thank you for such an informative swatches. it made my purchase more easy. :)

  5. This is really helpful. Thanks!


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