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Monday, June 20, 2011

NYX Basic Must-Haves Part III : Frost-Finish Nude-Earth Tones

Sharing another set of NYX Basic Must-Haves, this time its Frost-Finish Nude/Earth Shades of NYX Round Lipsticks. 

A few tips for those who want to improve the wear of Frost Lippies : 

 1. Always apply a thin layer of you favorite lipbalm before applying your lipsticks, this keeps your pouty puckers hydrated and it serves as a barrier between the lipstick and your lips, this also makes the application easier. 

          2. A lot of people have deep lines on the lips thats why they stay away from frost-finish lipsticks coz they tend to emphasize lines more, try topping your frost-finish lipstick with clear gloss or another layer of balm to somehow soften the frost and make the finish look cleaner and smoother.

Not a fan of Earth-Toned Lippies but there are a lot of shades from this set that looks nice on me too. 

To Order, click on the image below

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 

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