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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lancome Juicy Tubes

*Warning : PICS HEAVY* 

Weekend will definitely be boring for me since my family is in Vigan and I chose to stay at home with the dogs because I wanna help Hun out in reviewing for school. 

So to make my weekend productive (and to draw my attention away from missing mom and dad) Ive decided to review the Lipgloss Brand that started my addiction to Glosses -- LANCOME Juicy Tubes. 

Even as a kid, I already have this special spot for makeups, I love playing with them, literally. And I remember my mom would always get mad at me for playing with her stuff Nyahahaha! 

During my teenage days, I wasnt a big fan of makeup, mom was doing her makeup once and I spotted a tube of lipgloss in my mom's makeup kit, I liked the color so I tried it out and loved how it looked on me, I ended up asking mom if I can have it. She agreed and next thing I knew was I was already hooked and I kept purchasing Lancome Juicy Tubes online. Haha! 

It was just recently when lipsticks caught my interest, I have always been a fan of glosses for its sheerness and how it makes me look fresher as compared to how I look when wearing lipsticks. I know a lot of people hate glossy lips but I dont care, I just love it and I honestly think some people can really pull off wearing glossy lips.

I used to have a traincase-full of Lancome Juicy Tubes, yes, thats how addicted I am in collecting them, I used to have each and every LE pack they released and I used to hoard different shades of Juicy Tubes whenever we pay Duty Free a visit (since its cheaper there). Im guilty of buying even those shades that I didnt really like. Haha! But moving forward from that phase, I managed to trim the traincase-full stash to just 6 shades that I love to bits. 

'Nuff of the long intro.. Here's my short review for my humble Lancome Juicy Tube stash. 

Lancome Juicy Tubes come in Clear Plastic Tubes which I love, since if you have a lot of these babies in your stash, its easy to spot the color you want to use.

The applicator tip, which I forgot to take pictures of (bummer) makes application a lot easier, the size of the spout is just right to for you to have control on how much gloss you want to dispense. 

I would say picking Lancome Juicy Tube colors/shades online would be a little tricky, some are so pigmented as they appear on the tube but most of them go on sheer, so if you are a fan of super pigmented glosses, I would suggest trying them out first in Lancome counters to know if the pigmentation would suit your liking. 

The scents also are either fruity or candy-like. People who dont like scented lippies wouldnt like these as well, but personally, I love how most of them smell yummy. I bought a couple of shades before that I didnt really like the smell though so I ended up giving them away right after receiving them in the mail haha! 

The consistency is rather thick and less stickier than Mac Lipglass, it does feel a bit heavy on the lips but I still like it. 

So here are the swatches of the JTubes i currently have : 

1. Framboise 

Framboise is a sheer red-orange color with few gold specks in it and it smells like strawberry gummies. The gold glitter is chunky but I dont really mind since theres quite a few of it in the formula.

See what I mean? The gold specks are very rare. 

 And the color is really sheer.

2. Fraise 

Fraise is a nice raspberry color with fine gold and hotpink shimmer and it smells like raspberry candy. One of the colors that look a little scary on the tube since it looks deeply pigmented, but goes on sheer when applied on the lips. 

I love the color and the size of the shimmer.

And I love how it gives a little tint on the lips and gives it a hint of cute shimmer. (I love glitter!)

3. Strawberry Funk

This one's my faves. :) Strawberry Funk is a cross between fluorescent pink and pale pink, it has this certain brightness when you look at it on the tube but looks fab when applied and it smells like Marshmallows. I feel that I look younger when I use this gloss (daydreaming haha!). It has a pearly finish and has a hint of pinky-purply touch of iridescence too. 

TRIVIA : Its my favorite uncle who chose this shade for me. Great choice eh? :) 

This is what I mean by pearl pink with pinky-purply iridescence. It looks pretty and princessy. 

The shade reminds me of Barbie. Haha! 

4. Coral Rush 

Coral Rush is a pretty coral shade with fine gold shimmer and it smells like watermelon candy. 

Im not really a fan of coral glosses but I love this because its sheer and the color blends with the color of my lips. 

5. Energizing Melon

This is my 2nd favorite, its pale pink with gold iridesence. I love that it smells like melon candy. 

See how nice the color is?

And it looks much nicer when applied on the lips. 

6. Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine is a bright red lippie with no shimmer. It smells like butter caramel popcorn. 

Looks opaque on this hand swatch, 

But looks really nice on the lips, it gives a sheer, red tone and it also leaves a hint of stain on the lips that looks natural when the gloss wears off. 

Sorry Ladies, I cant find a website that mentioned the ingredients of Lancome Juicy Tubes. :(

While the tube offers convenience to the user since it has an angled tip applicator, I like it better to use a clean lip brush to get product off the spout to lengthen the lifespan of the gloss. 

Since these glosses are a little sticky, they last a good 3-4 hours on my lips.

There are some glosses that make me breakout in the chin area, but this doesnt. 
So its safe to say that my skin loves Lancome Juicy Tubes! 

Not back-up worthy but Ill definitely getting more of the new shades they released. :) 

Some of these tubes Ive been keeping for 2 years already but theyre still good to use. So I would say keep as long as you dont see any visible discoloration or separation in the components of it. 

Individual tubes cost roughly Php 700.00 - Php 1000.00 when you buy online, some shades come in sets though which would come a little cheaper. 

Local Lancome Counters 

That wraps up my supposed-to-be short review for Lancome Juicy Tubes, hope you ladies enjoyed reading it. :) 

Whats your plan for the weekend? 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. i super love your lips!!! <3<3<3 nice review sis! :)

  2. What does back-up worthy mean? :)

  3. @Diary of a Late Bloomer : thank you sis! <3 <3 <3

    @Shopcoholic : I know! :D parang i bought JTs twice na from you ata diba? :) weee

    @Rae : Back-Up Worthy means if the its worth keeping a spare/back-up for the said product. :) If its that good, then its back-up worthy so you still have a spare just in case you run out and the manufacturer dicontinues production. :)

  4. your lips are really pretty even without lipstick or lipgloss~

  5. @Kitten : Thank you for the kind words! <3 <3 <3


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