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Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Thieves and Blog Content Stealing

Just a little reminder for sellers who steal contents of other people's blog just to sell their items, please have proper business ethics, if you wanna sell your item, and if you wanna show your potential buyers a swatch of what you are selling but you cant ask for permission or you dont wanna provide a link where you grabbed the photos, JUST MAKE YOUR OWN SWATCHES! 

I took much of my time to do my swatches, take pictures, and edit them just to make viewing of the swatches more enjoyable and easier for my readers, as far as I (and all the other bloggers are) am concerned, I think I should get a little courtesy if you guys wanna use the images you find in this blog. 

"Researching" thru Google is nothing compared to the effort ive exerted to make the swatches and show them to everyone here. I could have disabled the right click function on this blog but then I realized it was a move that shows arrogance since only a little percentage of readers would have the intention to steal the contents of my blog (or anyone elses blog in that matter). 

If you wanna earn money the right way, invest and take time in making your own swatches rather than just being a sneaky thief stealing other people's images. 

If you dont have time to do so, then I guess you have to MAKE TIME to ask the rightful owner before copying anything. 

Im sorry if I sound mean here by calling them thieves, coz they really are. Its been a couple of days since I posted my swatches and some seller stole it and posted it on her Facebook Selling Page. Unfortunately, she tagged someone who recognized that the pictures are mine.

The reason why I watermarked the images with my blog's URL and The Digital Traincase's  selling page is because WE own the pictures. The stock photos I borrowed were also authorized by the people who own them thats why I was able to repost them here, and I didnt take their watermark off to show my respect and courtesy. 

I hope everyone else does that too. 

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  1. i hate it. my article was stollen by someone, and he didnt put my link


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