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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UrbanDecay Primer Potion Professional Size Packaging Fail

Its another rainy and lazy afternoon, Argh! Im hating this weather since it makes you so lazy to move around and do something, even my dogs are in their own beds sleeping the whole afternoon, and they get up just to eat. haha! 

So today Im gonna share what I think of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Pro Size. 
Its not actually a review coz Im gonna be writing about the packaging only (and my little boo-boo about it haha!). 

The Professional Size Urban Decay Primer Potion was an answered prayer for me, I guess all UDPP fans can relate to this, all of us hated that sexy tube UDPP initially came in. 


The hassle of depotting the product was solved when they introduced this squeeze-type tube which had a whole lot more product in it. 

UDPP is my HG eyeshadow primer, I actually dont use eyeshadows but this baby keeps my eyeliner in place technically the whole day even during those hot, scorching days of summer here in the Philippines. 

I never thought there would be a problem with the packaging of this Pro-Sized tube until one day, I was so OC to recap it tightly that the thin nozzle tip broke off the neck of the tube. My heart fell on the floor (LOL!), my UDPP love was barely a month old that time. 

The packaging is really nice, and I cant blame no one else but myself for breaking it, but then I realized, since the nozzle tip is thin, and that the tube is made of soft plastic (for easy squeezing), I honestly think this baby wouldnt pass the purse-torture test. Its not advisable to stash it on your purse since the nozzle tip is quite delicate.

If the silver cap accidentally bends, theres a great chance of "decapitating" (nyahaha!) the UDPP tube . One has to be really careful also in recapping it if you dont wanna replicate my small boo-boo. 

I was able to "repair" it temporarily by using a glue gun and some super glue, but then each time I squeeze the tube, the pressure of the contents and the nature of the product made the glue come loose again. 

So this afternoon, after much much internalizing and psyching myself (wahaha!) to let go of the pretty tube, Ive finally decided to transfer the potion into their new home -- 2 handy cosmetic pots..  

Now im saying goodbye to the hygienic squeezy baby and giving way to a more unsanitary dip and swipe packaging.


Hows everyone doing? 



  1. san mo nabili to sis? hm? lapit na maubos yung udpp ko eh

  2. @- - aika - - :

    here sis : its 1600. :) thats the cheapest na locally. :)

  3. Since you only had it for about a month, why don't you exchange it? I think you may have gotton a a faulty one (one from a bad batch).

    I've had my UDPP Professional Size for about a year now and nothing has happened to it, yet. *knock on wood*

  4. @Joyce :

    I think its my fault that it broke, haha! :D and I got it from a local reseller here in the Philippines so I have no idea if i can still exchange it, i have also transferred the contents into cosmetic pots this afternoon :D

  5. Just had this happen to me today! I had never had the old packaging because I had heard all the complaints about it. When the squeeze tube in the professional size came out, I got it right away!

    I just switched it into pots and my sister had a similar issue awhile back. I was so surprised how much product was left once I cut open the tube about squeezing the majority out.

  6. @Michelle : before my tube's neck broke, i actually thought that i was more than halfway through the contents, but when i transferred the contents into pots, i realized i consumed just about 5ml out of 25ml LOL!

    i wanna get a new tube though because i miss how pretty the tube is, but im holding back because i still have a little over 20ml of UDPP to use up. :D


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