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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swiss Army Knives For The Ladies! :)

Im sorry Ive been MIA lately, been busy with stuff around the house since it was the Death Anniversary of my Grannies (Maternal and Paternal) and the family decided to have a small gathering here in our house last weekend.

So, hows everyone doing? :) 

Im reviewing My Miss A (for Army) Kit today, Ive been meaning to do a review for this ages before but I always missed doing so because I prioritized posting reviews for makeup. 

Back when I was in college, I always bring my swiss knife with me wherever I go, Im kinda OC and that pretty much explains why I need to be a Girl Scout and tote around my swiss knife because it has everything I need to pluck something, cut something or open something.

I used to have the Victorinox Swiss Knife, and it looks kinda manly though I have it in white. Haha!

Honey loves giving me surprise gifts so he handed me a small Powerbooks paperbag one time and it has this inside : 

Who wouldve thought that there are Swiss Knives made just for girls, right? 

Its so pretty that I immediately ditched my old swiss knife for this one!

15 tools in one. 

Has almost everything you need for all your utility and beauty emergencies. :)

1. Mirror
2. Flashlight
3. Scissors
4. Nail File
5. Tweezers
6. Pen 
7. Pillbox
8. Perfume Bottle
9. Knife
10. Ruler
11. Bottle Opener
12. Screwdriver
13. Corkscrew
14. Safety Pin
15. Needle and Thread
16. Buttons, Safety Pins

All that in one, handy dandy candy-colored cutesy tool. 

It has almost everything I need for emergencies. 

The color is of course, cute. LOL! 

It comes cheaper than Victorinox Swiss Knives

Costs less than Php800.00. 

The knife and the scissors can run blunt over time, so theres sharpening needed once in a while unlike Victorinox Swiss Knives that stay sharp no matter how often you use it. 

The case is made of plastic, and its pretty heavy, so if you accidentally drop it the case could have the tendency to break or have cracks in it. 

Overall, I love having this in my purse over my old swiss knife that looks like this : 

except that I have it in White. 

You could pretty much estimate how heavy that Swiss Champ is, and judging by whats in that Knife, I know I have to say this -- IM NOT A MAN. Not even a carpenter. Hahaha!
 and yeah, Ive been toting that around since college. Im THAT OC. I need to have everything I need (though Im not able to use them all) when Im out. 

My Miss A Kit is 50% Lighter than that Champ.
Miss A Kit is also available in other colors : 

Magenta, Radiant Rose, Luscious Lime, Pale Pink, True Teal, and Wonderfully White

I have it in Pale Pink and I love it to bits!

Do you have your own Miss A Kit? Maybe its about time you get one for yourself coz its so darn cute and useful! :)

Rainy Tuesday Afternoon, Everyone! 

Live, Love and Stay Fab!



  1. where can i get one? this is cute and functional i want one!

  2. @DaMnViXeN : they have it in powerbooks :) i think my boyf got this in Powerbooks Alabang. :)

  3. I wanna have a pink one! *_* I'm going back to school next month, and this seems like a perfect thing to carry haha thank you for following me back by the way ^_^

  4. Mukhang kailangan ko nito. Humahaba ang to-buy list ko dahil sa yo sis :D

  5. @Crystal : I super love how girly this is. Never thought they would come up with something so functional and kikay at the same time. <3 <3 <3

  6. @Jane: NP Jane! :) Go get one! Its so nice, love that it has a tiny mirror too. Its super cute!

  7. @Krys: Seriously, every girl should have one of this, everything we need is in it, and it weighs 30% lang of my previous swiss knife hahaha!


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