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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Humble Haul :)

Yesterday was a really long day since Hun and I went all the way to Galleria to meet-up with the seller of the Nook (Book Reader) we ordered. We had to meet up with the seller at around 4pm since thats the time that theyd get off work, besides it cant be ealier than 4pm since Hun have classes in the morning (he's taking up Medicine by the way). 

So that makes this: 

the first item we bought yesterday. Wont disclose the price but I honestly think we got the best deal for a unit that looks almost brand new. :)

After meeting up with the seller, we hurried to grab late lunch (4:30pm) at Chef D'Angelo Galleria. Since we're worrying that it might rain hard and that we'd be caught in the worst EDSA traffic jam, we decided to transfer to MOA so it would be easier for us to drive home without having to worry about the traffic. 

And of course, since Im in Galle, I couldnt miss dropping by Saizen (aka Japan Daiso -- the original one not the local Daiso dupe) and grab a few "essentials".

Charcoal Cleansing Cream 

-- I love this Cleansing Cream, Im gonna make a review of this in the coming days -- 

Next is the Charcoal Cleansing Foam, I just found out I still have a dozen of this in my "stockroom" and I have no idea what drove me to purchase 2 more tubes of this. haha! 
There goes the impulsive shopper in me. I shouldve grabbed 2 tubes of the cleansing cream instead. 

Next up is a Press Pump Bottle, for those who are not familiar, its the kind that you put your cotton pad/round on the concave thing on top and you press it down to dispense the contents of it. Neat, eh? 

I have no idea what im gonna use this for, honestly. But since its way cheaper than Etude House's and Beabi's  (both stores sell the same size and the same thing for about Php200.00 each), I decided to get one just in case I would find some good use to it. 

Couldnt miss passing by the Stationery Aisle to grab stickers and note pads, I kinda got surprised since its been ages since the last time I passed by Saizen and they used to have tons and tons of cute notepads there, yesterday there was just one shelf full of notepads and a whole aisle full of not-so-cute notebooks. Boring. No cute stickers too. There were a few but nothing thats worth my Php85.00.

So I just got these two since theyre the cutest ones in the pack

Next up are packs of Facial Tissue. Ill be honest, I got this just because of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Print. Hahaha! But I also think a pack that has 5packs of 140-pulls, 2ply tissues is worth the Php85.00 price tag. Even cheaper than Watsons' promos. 

These are not soft, a little scratchy to be used on your dry face, so Im using this to clean up cleansing cream from my face or to wipe my hands when Im doing my makeup. 

Thats it for my Robinsons Galle/Saizen Hauls since we headed to SM Mall of Asia right after we paid Saizen a visit. 

That doesnt end the haul post though since I was able to grab a few stuff from MOA also, I broke the plan of just hanging out with Hun over coffee and dessert. LOL! 

I got Lush Colour Supplement Multipurpose Base Colour in Light Yellow. 
Something I dont really need but wanted to try out.
Light Pink also suits my skintone, I think. But its really tricky to pick the right color since the store's lighting is pretty weird, the green lights were too strong that it alters the color of the swatches I made. 

Since I was persistent in finding more Kokeshi Pencil Cases for Chel and myself, I asked Hun to help me find them in the Character Section of SM Department Store. :) 

Hun was the one who found them since we decided to part ways so it would be faster. 
I was able to grab three Pencil Cases. 

Kept just this one for myself  : 

I was kinda disappointed coz there werent that much selection for the Kokeshi Cases, there were a lot of cases with Maryoshka (Russian Dolls) and other characters though. I just wish they had more so I could hoard hahaha! :D 

But before sleeping last night, Hun handed me a small bag and the sound it made was kinda familiar. 

I was right. More pencil cases inside. Hahahaha! :D 

These 2 are not kokeshis but Hun said he decided to get them since he knows I love anything with cute prints. 

Lastly, Cesar's Way Magazine. We got this magazine from Booksale a few weeks ago, but we accidentally left it at Don Henricos after having dinner. Glad they still have it. 

I bought this magazine because of the cover, my Hachi's breed sibs. :) 

So that wraps up my mini haul post.

Im proud to say I have better control in buying stuff now. :) 

How did your weekend go? 
The weather's perfect for snuggling under thick comforters while watching DVDs. 

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. OMG i want those pencil cases and the daiso thinggy but there is none in the daiso near my place :(

  2. Oh so Cesar is the magazine cover. I just watched dog whisperer. love it. ;)

  3. @aMz88 : where do you live sis? I can grab some for you :) email me :) hehe!

    @CHARRY : i love that show too, especially that i have lots of dogs in my room hahaha !:D

  4. im near cainta rizal, but im hoping to see these on sm megamall nxt week :D im going to look for majolica majorca, did u try any of them? how about tony moly? :) oh does the cases have purple or black? ^^

  5. Those kokeshi pencil cases are cute.

  6. @aMz88 : im guessing they have this in megamall also. the only purple and black combination i saw there is this one :

    @Scatterbrain : I knowwwww! <3 Thats why i knew i had to get them tho i wont be able to use them haha! :D

  7. @BabyJap,RN me also i wont be able to use them, the cases, i dont have school anymore but still my other pen collection might fit hihi. thank you sis ;D

  8. curious ako sa charcoal cleanser and foam. cant wait for your reviews.

  9. How's the Lush Colour Supplement Multipurpose Base Colour? Do you use it as foundation or to modify foundation shade?

  10. @Crissy : Im gonna review Lush Colour Supplement in a bit, will post detailed feedback for it. :)


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