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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Styli Style L3 Timeless Lippies

Hello again dearies!

2nd blog entry for today.. :)

I wasnt supposed to post another blog entry, but after doing swatches of the lippies i received in the mail, i got excited! haha! :P

So i wanna share to you ladies how pretty the lippies are...

Site Description :

L3 Timeless Lipstick is a romantic courtship between long-lasting color and shine.

L3 Timeless lipstick actually lasts 3 times longer than traditional shiny lipstick hence the L3 claim.

It is a full coverage lipstick that holds true to the lips which can last up to 8 hours (in unusual circumstances).

L3 Timeless lipstick is the first non-drying long-lasting lipstick to offer non-stop shine all-day moisture and a hi-shine finish.

L3 Timeless lipstick is packaged in a beautiful metal weighted case that actually looks like piece of jewelry and the color of the lipstick is silk screened on the top of easy shade identification.

L to R :
Romance -- Love -- Heavenly -- Beauty -- Spirit

Romance :
bright red. geisha/kabuki red. best red lippie ive tried so far. :)

Love :
a more pigmented version of spirit.
frosty carnation pink.

Heavenly :
NARS Orgasm lippie! :)

Beauty :
pinky nude. non-frost finish.

Spirit :
frosted pale pink.

What i Love about these lippies :

- the formula! doesnt make my lips dry
- the colors! the shades i got are MLBB shades! except for Romance of course haha!
- frost finish shades are not too frosty
- the scent, similar to MAC lippies but a bit lighter.. :)
- the price : i got them for Php 70.00 each
(i even got Romance as a freebie from my last haul)

What i Hate :

-NONE! :)

*** i just hope Meg stocks up on new shades of these babies so i can grab more for Mom and myself. :)

asking why they come cheap when Beauty Bar sells them for no lower than Php 500.00 each?

its because Styli Style is upgrading their packaging.. :)

Ebay sellers like Meg (jnlink777) get these items from clearance sales in the States and sell them dirt cheap here in the PI..

Thanks for droppin by! :)



  1. omg. babyjap! dami mong hauls today. hehehe.
    btw, i like those sigma brushes it's cute and pppiiinnkkk!! :)

  2. nice shades! gusto ko yung romance!

  3. I wish she does stock up on these lippies too. Now you made me even more excited. :P They are lovely!

  4. Bea : haha! yea, didnt expect that my nyx+sigma stuff will arrive today. was expecting the stylistyle loot lang.. :)

    Khymm : romance is gorgeous. its the perfect red lippie im looking for.. :) mas gusto ko sha than russian red!

    Pammy : what shades did you order?

  5. nice haul!! thanks for the swatches :)
    sobrang nakakatulong yung swatches mo sis pati yung sa eyeliners :) i think mas magugustuhan ko tong styli-style lippies kesa sa nyx.

    love your sigma and nyx haul too!! i just got my sigma brushes din, sana pala pink yung kinuha ko hehe. its so cute ang girly!

    thanks din sis sa lucky chinese character tag :)
    will do that soon ^__^

  6. cha : thanks sis! im glad to be of help.. :) at least people wont get confused on which colors to pick once the seller restocks on these lippies.. :)

    im sure you'll like these better than nyx lippies, texture and scent pa lang panalo na to.. :P

    the black sigma set is classy!

    i saw your stila smudgepot post, i want one tuloy! haha! :P

  7. Beauty lang. Wala ako nakuta nung ibang shades mo. Or I was just too late kasi nabili mo na? ;D

  8. pammy : when i bought my loot, meron pa ata 4 stocks each, pero si heavenly last piece na.. :P tapos di ko nga agad inannounce agad sa GT yun para di maubos agad, errr. nagkaubusan pa din haha! :P yung spirit na gusto ni Chel inask ko kung meron pa eh. hehe!

  9. sino ba kasi si megggg??? lol. diko makita meg sa ebay,

  10. sis maki : username is jnlink777. easiest way to "locate" her is to search "styli style", sha ang nagiisang seller dun na madaming styli style hehe!

  11. Spirit is me in a tube. Ako yan, ako yan!!

    Parang boho chic, ako din yun!!

  12. chel : whenever i see pale pink muk-aps, ikaw naaalala ko.. :)

    when i shared the swatches with Sol, spirit din naisip nya na magugustuhan mo.. :P


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