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Friday, December 18, 2009

Growing Addiction

Hey there sisters!

Was inspired by my 50 followers to update this blog again! weee!

confused smileys

Wonder whats behind the title of this entry?

its because i got my 3rd loot of NYX stuff from Lelila this morning and i fell inlove!!

Happen to see the brand all over and when i was in the States before but i just ignored them thinking theyre no good.

But since reviews were all over GirlTalk, i decided to give it a try.

first batch i ordered were several shades of the Jumbo Pencils -- which were nice, but i dont get to use often coz im not used to putting eyeshadows everytime i go out.
(this explains why my lemming to own all colors just died)

here's my mini NYX collection (which will definitely grow bigger soon rawwr):

NYX Round Glosses:

L to R :
Strawberry -- Ballerina Pink -- Peach

from L to R:

(pardon me but im super bad at describing colors, but ill do my best, promise hehe!)

Strawberry - sheer dolly pink with chunkier shimmer than ballerina pink.

Peach - fresh pinky peach tone (my fave!! gives the freshest hue to my lips!)

Ballerina Pink - dolly pink with fine shimmer

What i LOVE:
** no stickiness at all
** colors are super nice!!
** not sure if it moisturizes but it doesnt make my lips dry/chapped
** for the price, staying power is pretty good!
** they come cheap! (Php 200.00 each!)

What i HATE:
** theres just 1 thing i dont like about NYX round glosses, im kinda overwhelmed by the scent that reminds me of lemon dishwashing liquid hehe!

NYX Megashine Glosses :

from Top to Bottom:

Beige -- Perfect -- Pink Frost

from L to R :

Beige - Mauvey Nudey Pink ( great MLBB shade!)

Perfect - sheer nude with shimmer (best MLBB shade for those with naturally pigmented lips!)

Pink Frost - soft pink with fine shimmer ( i use this to tone down the color of dark lippies)

What i LOVE:
** love this for all the same reasons i stated on the round glosses! (
** the scent! smells like BigBoy Bubblegum (do you remember this girls? hehe)! yummy!

What i HATE:
** and theres nothing about megashine glosses that i hate.. :)

NYX Creme Blushes :

Top : Natural
Left : Glow
Right : Hotpink

from L to R :

their names speak for themselves.. hehe!

Natural - im not sure if i like this shade, but it nice and it looks uhmm.. yeah, natural, gives a soft color on the cheeks. i prefer bolder shades of blushes.

Glow - glow!! better than NARS Pennylane IMO.

Hotpink - in terms of the consistency, i noticed this is the creamiest among all three (the other two have balm-ish cream consistency), would actually form stiff peaks when you dip your finger/brush in it.. in actual, this looks a lil close to the scaryness of NARS Cactus Flower from the pan, but when applied, it is super nice, it is best to use a stippling brush for this one though coz its really pigmented, one pan would last a long time for sure!

What i LOVE:
** the consistency -- theyre not oily/goopy.
**very easy to blend
**nice shades
** no fragrance
** staying power is also good! it gets a 4 out of 5 for me!
** again, the price, Php 360.00 each!!

What i HATE:
NONE! :)

And that sums up my post regarding NYX stuff!!

Expect more posts this coming days sweeties!

Peace & Love!


  1. Addict! And yes, I have a strong feeling that you will have more and definitely more NYX stuff. :P

  2. have you tried the cream blushes pammy? theyre superrr nice!!

  3. haha. i got natural and hot pink. havent tried natural though. glad to know it's less thicker than hot pink. my gawd. hot pink will be enough for years. just a dot of it is enough for both cheeks diba?

  4. @ R : regarding NYX hotpink, so true! thats the reason why im super careful in dipping my stippling brush in it.. haha!

    as you can see on the photo, 1st dunk on hotpink was done with my finger, too much pressure, thats why it created a small pit, haha! i thought it has the same consistency as natural and glow eh! :P

  5. thanks for the swatches! I love NYX too! di ko pa natry yung cream blushes.. HOT pink looks nice..

  6. Japjap, I haven't tried NYX cream blushes yet. Lately ko lang nadiscover how nice cream blushes are.

    Btw, Glow looks pretty. But hotpink scares me. :P

  7. @ khymm :

    naku, must try ang cream blushes sis! super nice! i highly recommend them! :)

    @ Pammy :

    take my word for it, try both sis, im sure you'll get hooked na din.. haha!

  8. question : if cream blush yung gamit so yung sequence ganito foundie-cream blush-loose powder-powder blush(optional)?

  9. now ko lang nalaman may blog ka na,i've been reading your posts sa GT. show us naman your pretty face :)

  10. khymm :
    not sure if im doing it right sis, pero i apply the blush pinaka-last na, foundie - set - blush.. :)

    miemiemie :
    wow! thanks for reading my posts in GT sis! glad to know some people find my posts helpful. :) gonna post fotds soon.. :) walang sanang masisindak.. haha! :P ilang days na ko no makeup eh, super busy.. :)

  11. Great swatches and review! I love NYX from what I've seen, the glosses look amazing, I want them all! LOL

  12. waaahh... i think i will be buying na talaga the cream blushes.. :D yey... ang ganda nung hot pink.. yay

  13. Japjap,

    Merry Christmas, bakla! Love you. <3

  14. You have a very nice blog, I found your blog thru heroroyalbleakness. Followed you :)

  15. thanks for reviewing! nice ang NYX noh?


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