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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Otterbox Strength Case for Blackberry 9800

First blog entry that isnt related to make-up/cosmetics.. :) 

I just got my Blackberry Torch first week of March, and since then, i was in search for the best protective case for it, but then i initially bought a frosty pink perforated mesh case that doesnt actually protect the phone since it comes off easily, well im not complaining, i got the case for just Php 100.00 (around USD2.00) haha!

here's how the cute cheapie case looks like :

I googled about protective cases for BB Torch and found Otterbox Cases as one of the highly raved brands. 
Searched our local ebay ( and to my surprise, one seller has the Strength Case (read further to know why its called strength) for my new baby! I got the Strength case for Php 1999.00 (USD 45.00), seller offered free shipping for this. It costs a bit more than the actual retail value of USD 34.95 (Php 1462.00) which I think is pretty fair since I assume it covers the taxes and freight to the Phils already. 

Here's a photo of the packaging :

Description (taken from the Otterbox Website)

About our Commuter Series: 

Three slender, yet sturdy layers offer tough protection in a sleek package. With a slim form factor and smooth outer layer, this case slides easily in and out of a pocket, purse or bag.

  • Features:
  • Access to all buttons and features
  • Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
  • Includes a self-adhering protective film
  • Limited edition pink plastic on white silicone


  • Self-adhering clear screen protector
  • Durable silicone skin
  • High-quality polycarbonate outer shell

Detailed Photos of the Case : 
(Lower Back)

(Full view of the Back Cover)


(Left Side)



(Detailed view of the back part)

(just showing off my cute wallpaper haha! :)) )

Theres nothing to hate about this case, even the pretty steep price tag since i think this case serves its purpose well. 

This case has 2 layers, an inner Silicone Layer (White part) that absorbs the impact when you accidentally drop the phone,  and the outer layer thats made of Tough Polycarbonate. 

I love how the front cover "hugs" the front part of the phone, I dropped this phone accidentally once, and the front part didnt come off (unlike what i read on one of the reviews i found). 

The ports (3.5mm port for the earphones and miniUSB for charging file transfer) as well as the buttons on the sides and top of the phone are covered too, which protects dirt from getting inside the case. 

It also comes with a free Screen protector that would shield the screen from scratches. 

I also find that it made my grip better, was having a hard time texting before since my hands easily get tired holding on to this phone coz its so thin, i dunno if its just me but this case surely improved my grip on the phone.

The best part about this purchase is that 10% of the item cost would go to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, the funding will support finding a cure for breast cancer and advancing the access to care for all, regardless of the ability to pay for the treatment. 

So, are you a Blackberry User who loves Pink? Now is your chance to lend a hand and help save a life in your own little way. :)

Live, Love and Stay Fab! :) 


  1. you're back!!!

    I want me some BB Ottercase! But I need to send my BB to BB hospital. :(

    I love your kimmi doll avatar!

  2. Chel : Yeppy, im back! bwahaha! nakita mo na kimmidolls sa Rustans? Bili tayooo! :P What happened to BB? Ikaw, are you home na?

  3. welcome back! i'm thinking of getting a bb soon. hehe bahala na when i get to where i'm going :) cute case by the way

  4. thanks miemie! :) go get one na! :) its super easy to figure out how to use it, super convenient talaga! :)


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