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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GOOD Morning! :)

Good Morning Gorgeous! :)

Woke up pretty late today (11:00AM) since i slept at around 4:00AM last night (or should i say this morning? harhar!)

Today is a GOOD day, i woke up with 2 Air21 packages beside me, haha!

Was expecting just 1 package -- from Meg (the [nicest] styli style seller from ebay)

but when i saw that the other one's a BIG package, thats when i thought "My Sigma haul is here!" --Thanks Sol! alabyu! rawr!!!

Not gonna post detailed reviews for my haul though, today's gonna be a long day since i still have a lot of paperworks to do..

So im gonna make this really quick.. :)

**Pics Heavy**

So here's everything that was delivered today

Sigma Professional Complete Brush Set in PINK!! :)

The Brush Care Card

The Sigma Beauty-on-the-Go Blush & Highlight Kit

Blushes depotted and transferred to the palette

Not Fade Away (Blush)

Moonlight Mile (Highlight)

Some Girls (Blush)

Ruby Tuesday (Blush)


was expecting just 1 freebie, the ss217, from the Brush Set i ordered..

the big pouch and the indian girl e/s freebies were not posted on the website during the time that we ordered these babies.. :)

My NYX Creme Rouge Pre-Order from Sol

L to R :

Boho Chic, Orange and Red CHeek

Boho Chic
Red Cheek

The Styli Style L3 Lippie Haul :

was able to try the l3 lippie since Meg gave me one as a freebie from my last purchase, and just thought that I like the texture of the lippie and that it doesnt leave my lips dry.

All except Life (leftmost) is mine, will be giving the Life Lippie to Mom for her to try.. :)

L to R :

Life -- Love -- Spirit -- Heavenly -- Beauty

Freebies from the ever so generous seller ('s jnlink777) .. :)

This one arrived yesterday, but since its pretty, i just thought that i should take pics of it and share it with you Gorgeous Sisters! :)

Victorias Secret
Heidi Klum Luminous Face Powder Gems

In my honest opinion, the design is way prettier than Guerlain's.. Agree?

The attempt to be a dupe of Guerlain's Meteorites is successful, this is even prettier than G's! :P

Pretty Pearls! :)

There.. That wraps up my Haul Post. :P

Will do a detailed review for these babies in the days to come.. :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)




  1. I'm so green with envy with the Sigma blush! :(

    Now I'm even more excited with the Styli lippies. Meg got confused and sent mine to someone else. I'll have to wait for mine tomorrow pa, she'll be shipping mine pa lang ulit. :(

    Hala, the Red Cheek blush is goegeous! :P

  2. wow ang dami! the sigma palette is really nice and I think its really expensive - di nalang ako magtatanong kung how much hehe

    maganda pala yung styli style lippies?! will check Jlinks site..
    post ka ng swatches sis ha..

  3. pammy theyre super nice no?

    not fade away is a cross between mata hari and desire

    some girls remind me of deepthroat

    and ruby tuesday reminds me of crazed naman.. :)

    the styli style lippies are good! love ko lahat! all 4 (except life) are MLBB shades. ganda ganda..

  4. khymm :

    would you believe the blush palette is just around 1500? super sulit, its just like getting a pan of nars blush from rustans! :)

    the l3 lippies are good sis! and theyre cheap too! 70 each.. :) get those shades i bought, mashado na dark ibang shades na meron si Meg eh. :)

  5. wow ang dami.. will be anticipating your reviews on these babies ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  6. Sa susunod, pabayaan mo naman akong maghilamos bago mo ko i-BI!!!

    gusto ko ng boho chic!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bwahaha! :P chel, wrong timing ba? hahaha! :P bruha! bilis mo din kaya magpareserve, boho chic ka diyan? pati red cheek pinatulan mo din eh hahaha! :P

  8. grabe wala ako hilig sa muk up pero dahil sa mga pics na post mo mukhang mapapabili ako ang gaganda ng blushes at lippies lalo na yong pink brushes mo gusto ko yan..magkano ba yong brush pink set gusto ko din haha!!

  9. Hi Grace! :)

    the brush set is priced at $89.00, so prolly its around 4900 (rough estimate) inclusive of shipping to the Philippines.. :)

    theyre super gorgeous in actual! :) go get a set sis! super sulit sha.. :)

  10. Sis, where did you buy the Victoria's secret gems? I've been wanting them forever! :D

  11. Liz : from a friend sis.. :) want one? you may reach me thru the cake or GT sis.. :) current fave ko yung gems, ganda ng glow, i use it as a blush/highlighter.. :)

  12. Through Google Talk? I'm a follower na, sis! :D I just sent you a YM. :D


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