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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Styli Style : Hip Sticks i Love !!

Good Morning Angels!

Another Styli-Style loot came in the mail today.. :)

been waiting for this loot for days and im glad that these Hip Sticks didnt disappoint me!

I love them to bits!

Stockphoto :

and here's a photo of all 10 shades i got :

I love that there are sellers on ebay that sell Styli-Style stuff dirt cheap.. :)
I got this 10-pc lot for a lil over Php 500.00.
(these babies sell for around $7.00 each according to my sister)
Seller was nice enough to choose the sealed ones for me!
Great deal, isnt it?
Thats the reason why i got hooked on browsing ebay once in a while for good deals.

Tried to do a lil research, but the styli-style website doesnt carry these Hipsticks anymore, so ill just try my best to describe the shades according to how i see them (im bad at this, rawwr!)

**peachy pink, has iridescent gold shimmer (similar to Love, has more shimmer)

**frosted brick red

**shimmery lilac

**frosted old rose (kinda similar to flower power)

**this is what id call, NARS Cactus Flower in a tube! pretty bright red with gold specks!

**bronze with gold shimmer, best used on top of nude lippies!

Flower Power
**shimmery old rose

Bell Bottoms
**shimmery nude

** peachy pink (a shade twin of Psychedelic, but has less shimmer)
-a great dupe of NARS Orgasm gloss, but this is a bit more pigmented

**Nude with a hint of shimmer.


Since i love lip glosses more than i love lipsticks, i love that these babies are lipsticks+lipgloss combined, the colors are sheer, most of them have a frosted, shimmery finish plus the formula moisturizes and doesnt give a gooey, sticky feel at all.

The scent reminds me of Nesvita Cereal Beverage, so i guess its scent is vanilla-ish, and is not too overpowering unlike other glosses ive tried.

It comes in a click-tube (same mechanism as Stila's Lip Glaze) and has a slanted sponge applicator tip.

I have yet to try them to test for staying power, but so far, these HipSticks are LOVE!! :)




Peace & Love!


  1. Chel, Psychedelic, incense, love and freedom will look good on you. :P haha! *BI mode* inuunahan na kita. rawwwr!

  2. chel : pwahaha! :P opkors! since birth ang pagka-bruha ko. bwahaha! :P mwa mwa! ganda nung apat na yun, sila favorite ko. :)

  3. where was it shipped from and how long til you got them?

  4. Love is love! :P Gusto ko tuloy nung Freedom. :P

  5. aw. ang ganda nito. :D i want!

  6. dulcette : the hipsticks are from, 24hours after you pay, nasa doorstep mo na. :)

    Pammy : i super love LOVE! and freedom too! super ganda! peace + freedom is super pretty din!

    bea : weee go get your stash na sis. :) not sure if the seller still have stocks for these though. :)

  7. I'm so heading on to Ebay right now, after visiting 5 or more beauty blogs, all of you are raving about Styli Style and Hipsticks.

  8. Badet : go search NOW! :) baka maubusan ka hehe!

  9. i was browsing through an ebay store and saw these babies. wondered how they'd look in actual. thanks for this review. =)

  10. Would you mind saying which seller gave you the lot of 10 hipsticks for over P500? So far all I can find it 15 pcs for over P800 :)


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