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Thursday, February 4, 2010

** Gel Liner Stash **

Hello Sweeties!

Since im still not over my Liner Phase yet, im gonna do another quick review for the gel liners i currently have.. :)

im sorta regretting that i gave away my gel liner stash before, just learned how to use them properly recently, haha! used to mess up everytime i try to use gel liners, no matter how good my brush is, i cant seem to line my eyes properly with gel liners before. pwahaha!

so now, im back to a few pots again, starting to build another stash.. :)

will start with my favorite :

MAC Fluidline Gel Liners

i currently have 3 pots :

From L to R :
Graphic Brown -- Blitz Glitz -- Blue Peep

Graphic Brown (deep frosted brown with gold glitter)

**i love that its frosted and has fine gold glitter in it,
great alternative for traditional flat chocolate brown liners,

Blitz Glitz (softer black [compared to Blacktrack] with fine gold shimmer)

**gold shimmer is barely noticeable, so this could be the best alternative once you run out of Blacktrack. :)

Blue Peep (a gorgeous, vibrant turquoise/aqua shade)

** so far, this is the best turquoise gel liner ive ever seen, this makes my eyes look more awake.

-these babies have the best staying power among all the gel liners i have, looking forward to more colors of these.. :)
- formula has the right creaminess, very easy to apply, glides on the lids.. :)
- Retail price is around 200% of regular gel liners, but they are super worth their pricetags, a pot will last long, just make sure lid is tightly closed before storing. :)


Indelible Gel Liners

From L to R :

Penny -- Tanzanite -- Peacock


*nice Bronze/Copper-ish shade, havent used this yet as i prefer dark colored liners to make my eyes look bigger


** color reminds me of Thai Silk clothes, deep plum/purple with iridescent purple shimmer, of all the gel liners i have, i reach for this more frequently than the others.


** the shade name best describes the color, this indeed reminds me of a peacock's tail, frosted, gorgeous blue-green color thats not too loud.

-- Indelible gel liners are indelible indeed, they have good staying power and a pot will surely last long, formula is a bit harder than the typical gel liners, so be sure the lid's tightly closed as theyre prone to dry out faster than other gel liners.
- They are easy to apply and stays put until you decide to remove it.. :)
- they're not available locally (boo!), so i wish someone resells these babies coz they are good!
- pot size is the same as that of stila mini smudgepots, just the right size to finish up for a year perhaps.


Stila Smudge Pots

Top Left : Grey -- Top Right : Little Black Dress
Bottom -- Black


ash-grey that looks light on the pot, but turns to a darker charcoal/gunmetal color when applied


Rich black.

Little Black Dress (Barbie Loves Stila Collex)

Black with purply-pink shimmer

-Stila Smudgepots dont last that long on my oily lids, and it tends to either flake or smudge sometimes, especially the LBD smudgepot.
-formula is creamy since they can be smudged and be used as eyeshadow/eyeshadow bases.
- Fullsize pots are being sold for less than Php 900.00 each @ our local Stila Counters


Dollface/Coastal Scents Gel Liners

Dark Violet

Looks dark on the pot, but is vibrant violet when applied.
What i dont like is that, it leaves a pink stain on the lids after.


Rich Black

- I love that the staying power is really good (quite comparable to MAC fluidline)
- colors are nice (planning to get more, since i got these 2 since i got intrigued about the quality after watching Jeng's [ IamSUTiL's abubots ] eyeliner tutorial
- price is really affordable Php 375.00 for each pot.

i just noticed though that the consistency of both colors are different, black is really creamy, while dark violet has a harder/solid formula, also noticed that the black pot has more content than the other one..
anyhoo, both of them have good staying power, and for the price, i highly recommend others to try them! :)


I forgot where i read this, but i wanna share it here if in case the theory is correct.

A theory about gel liners :
Gel liners that come in glass pots have a longer lifespan (the contents doesnt dry out faster) than the ones that come in plastic pots.

i sorta believe this theory as i used to have a pot of Etude House Code B Gel liner, and i noticed that the formula dries out faster than my other gel liners, then i noticed the pot, its frosted plastic, all the while i thought its frosted glass.

so, that wraps up my review for my gel liner stash.. :)

More reviews of stuff in the coming days. :)

Thanks for droppin by, Gorgeous!


Where to Buy :
Dollface Cosmetics Website

Peace & Love!


  1. wow! i love blue peep from mac!
    how long have you had your dollface gel liners? doesn't it dry up too fast?

  2. r alcantara :

    had my dollface liners for about a week already. :) not sure if they dry up fast, but as far as i know, gel liners that come in glass pots last longer than those ones that come in plastic pots, and i sorta believe the theory, hehe! etude house code b liner dried up pretty fast, only to find out that the pot is plastic, but it looks like its frosted glass.

  3. Hi sis :)

    I think I recognize the Blitz Glitz from somewhere...hehehe ;)

    Wow...I've been looking for Graphic Brown for the longest time :c

  4. where'd you buy your dollface/coastal scents gel liners?

  5. crissy : i think i got blitzglitz from you.. pwahahaha! :P i got my graphic brown fluidline from sis cherrhys naman.. :)

    dulcette : i got my dollface liners from .. :)

  6. eyeliner addict ka pala sis! hehe

  7. khymm : naku sis, evolving ang mga trip ko icollect. im over na sa blush/foundie phase, sa liners naman ako ngayon, and lippies. rawwr! :P

  8. sis bjn... hello to you!
    between mac and stila, mac na lang ba?
    plan ko talaga magtry ng gel liner and im torn between stila and mac. super oily ang lids ko pwede magprito ng quail eggs. tsk.

  9. jing : wahaha! same here, grabe din oiliness ng lids ko, between mac and stila, mac ako.. :) between stila and dollface, dollface naman ako.. :P

    humuhulas stila sakin eh, yung LBD naman nagfflake.. :(

  10. nice stash sis!! im into gel liners din pero stila naman ang HG ko hehe :)
    the tanzanite shade looks really pretty!!

  11. cha : thanks sis!! ako naman, i want more mac and indelible gel liners! and dollface liners too! haha!

  12. been lusting over the stila lil black dress! is it safe for contact lens wearers? does the glitter move around?

  13. @Mike -- sorry for the long overdue reply, been MIA for weeks.. :(

    i do wear contacts, and i believe its safe for contact lens wearers, my only beef is that some of the glitters move around, have to put sealant on top of it for it to stay put.


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