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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana The Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation

Its been a few months since I stopped buying blushes but started to have this thing for foundies, I still have a lot of foundies in my stash but lately, Ive been really curious about trying out more since I got fascinated by how great one could look as long as you got the perfect foundie that suits your skintone and skintype well. 

I got my Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundie a few days back, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to publish a review for it rightaway but decided to test it for a couple more days to see how it works on me. 

To cut things short, here's my review. :)

Initially, the packaging looks similar to the pot of my Dior Pro Cheeks blush, but whats surprising is that this one's actually made of Glass instead of Acrylic which makes it really heavy and more delicate.

The design/theme is pretty simple -- Gold and Crystal (Glass) which screams elegance. 
I love that it says when the product expires, it guarantees you that you are getting something made fresh from their factory in Italy. 

The packaging can be a fingerprint and scratch magnet, so it would be really nice if you have a velvet pouch or you can opt to keep the box so you can store this baby safely. 

There are a few things that I dont like about the packaging though. 

1. Its heavy. 
2. Its too chunky which makes it bulky. 
3. It only contains 30ml of product. I wish it has more. 
4. Clumsy people (myself included) needs to be EXTRA EXTRA careful in handling this. 
5. You cant tote this in your bag. The plastic disc (shown below) that guards the foundie from spilling doesnt secure a tight seal. Flip your pot over and there would be some foundie leaking off the edges. 

6. I wish there was a provision for the spatula to be stored inside the pot itself, a small compartment on the lid perhaps so I wont risk losing the cutesy little spatula that comes with this foundie.

Overall, there are a lot of things that I dont like about the packaging, but the elegant design won me over. LOL! I wouldnt mind transferring some of this in a small pot just in case I wanna bring some with me when travelling or whatever. 

What they say about this product : 

" Offers modern precision alongside a tender touch. Indulge in a sublime-looking complexion with a smooth finish and relish the radiant silky texture. Each jar of Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation is crafted in sleek soft-sculpted glass with a golden top and is individually filled by hand for a perfect execution of the highest luxury. " -- SAKS Fifth Avenue 

"Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation gives a luxurious coverage for a complexion that reflects impeccable perfection. The moisturising formula is enriched with anti-oxidants and vitamins, including Vitamin E and peptides, for a long-wearing flawless semi-matt finish with a light infused glow. " -- Harrods Website

Sounds good, right? Its even better in actual. 
Aside from the elegant packaging, its the formula that really won me over and made me love this product to bits. 

Im an NC25 and its quite hard for me to find foundies that match my skintone perfectly. Im glad I didnt have to waste this one since it blends with my skintone seamlessly. 

I got it in Beige 78 by the way. 

The formula is a gel-creme and based on the ingredient list of this, Water is the main component of this foundie which prolly explains why its different from other cream foundies Ive tried that bears this greasy, thick, heavy feel even if you only apply a thin layer.

Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation bears this thick texture and you need just a small amount for each application, it blends easily even without primer or makeup base. It provides great coverage, evens out the skintone and covers minor imperfections.
Coverage is buildable too, Ive tried one, two and three layers of this foundie and there was no settling, uneven finish or heavy feel at all. And how can I skip this, it has SPF15 plus it doesnt oxidize too given the fact that Im acidic and the weather can be pretty crazy here in the Philippines.

A swatch at the back of my hand with one layer of foundie. There isnt much difference right? But if you look at it closely, the foundie did a great job in making the skintone look more polished and even, the green-ness of my hand veins isnt visible anymore. 

In relation to the price, I honestly think this foundie is worth every penny. Its a great investment in my honest opinion. But since this foundie is one of the most expensive ones in the market, it would be best to get your accurate shade match first before purchasing. 

I wish all makeup manufacturers do this, put translations of the ingredient list in English as well so most of us can understand whats in them. Especially Japanese products! *sobs*

One trick that would make your foundie look natural is be stingy -- apply foundie little by little. Dont use a huge dollop at once or you would look like youve been smothered with melting cake frosting. Apply foundie one thin layer at a time, let the previous layer dry for a few minutes after putting on another layer to avoid foundie from settling on fine lines and creases. 

Since the coverage of this foundie is nice too, you can also use this as a concealer. Dont expect it to cover everything though especially those imperfections that needs color correction first prior to concealer application. 

My skin's not acting up lately, I dont get oily too unlike before and this foundie stays on all day on me. 7-8hours with minor retouching or minimal blotting needed. No kidding. 

Oh yesss! Ill kick my face (how?!!!) if I break out from something this expensive and this good. LOL!! 

Definitely! I hope they wont stop making these. I would surely get a backup once I consume half of this pot that I have. 

Ideally, 12-18months, but if you sanitize the spatula before dipping it in the pot then this would keep longer. It expires 2013 anyway. As long as there are no adverse reactions from using it, then I think it can be considered safe to use. :) 

The price can break a lot of hearts, Im sure. Im also wishing this would come cheaper so I can hoard. LOL! 


Saks have set quantity restrictions for this product due to "high demand", one can order no more than 6pots in a month. Doesnt apply for Harrods though. Saks prolly has limited stocks for this one. Both stores dont offer returns for this product though. 


Have you tried this foundie? Howd you find it? :) 
Share your thoughts!! 

Reviews Coming Up : 
Urban Decay Lipstick in Gravity and Urban Decay Brow Box in Gingersnap. :) 


Have a great week ahead, you guys!! 

Spread Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. I want!!! Pero I prolly shouldn't get, puno na altar.

  2. Expensive! MY heart is broken na talaga. Haha! Good coverage. Didn't change the color of the skin but it definitely made the skin look flawless. i also got attracted by the packaging, too bad dami mo nakitang nega. it actually reminds me of belo essentials moisturizer only its container is plastic and so is the spatula. spatula nito mukhang sosyal talaga. haha! :P

  3. @Chel : sending you a sample bakla. :D madanda talaga sya, medyo nakill ang lemming ko for GA cream foundie. :D haha! :D

  4. @Gellie Abogado : I dunno if Im just OC pero parang medyo turnoff naman kasi pag makalat sa loob ng container yung foundie diba? :D hehe! :D

  5. i remember my coffret d' or lasting gel foundi, it has spatula too but the plus point, it has a compartment on top of the container and it's not a glass! :D too bad i got the darkest shade so i gave it to my mom! (i dunno what was on my mind that time to pick the darkest shade! lol)thanks for the review Pretty Doll! ;) xxx

  6. @ur_prettyprinces : I wish meron din compartment to for the spatula, ang OC ko pa naman, I dont wanna break or lose the spatula just in case. LOL!

  7. I desperately want to try this, I think it could be perfect for me but there isn't a D&G counter near me to test for a colour match. Is Classic and Bisque the two lightest shades? Do you know how they compare in colour?


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