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Monday, October 10, 2011

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

I started being so keen about my brows since Sophomore years in Highschool, and eversince I learned how to apply makeup, Ive been as keen on picking the perfect brow filler that doesnt make me look BlusangItim-ish (if you dont have any idea what Blusang Itim is, just imagine Charlie Chaplin's 'stache as your brows. Nuff said. LOL!)

Benefit BrowZings in Medium used to be my HG brow filler after realizing that The Face Shop's brow kit have strong olive tones and that one of the colors look more army green than brown. (did anyone else notice this?)  After reading beauty blogs and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, I learned the significance of applying brow bone highlighters in emphasizing the arch of my brows and making it look cleaner so I used to bring around 2 tiny compacts (browzings + bourjois ombre stretch blanc) just for my brows. How inconvenient, right? 

It was really refreshing when I came across one product that has contains 2 wearable shades (well at least for me) and one highlighter.
Its from Etude House and its called "Perfect Brow Kit" 

As usual, English translations only apply to the product name itself and the rest of the stuff written on the packaging is in Korean characters. 

I like that the compact size is quite similar to that of my Benefit BrowZings.
Also like the color which is sort of deep plum with shimmer. 

The design printed on top of the compact is cute too. Dreamy. I just hate that it rubs off pretty fast. I wish they used paint that lasts longer or something that gives an etched effect on the compact so it would look nicer and the print would last longer. 

What I love about this kit is that the colors are just right. 2 brown shades that suit my preference perfectly and one highlighting powder that doesnt have strong whitish base plus the shimmer is finely milled that it doesnt give a fake/drawn effect on the brow bone. 
Pigmentation is just right as well, I love that the brow powders arent that pigmented that I dont need to be extra careful in using this to create a soft fill on sparse areas on my brows. 
The highlighter goes on sheer as well and just adds the right pop of light on the brow bone. 

Now you're prolly thinking how I was able to say I love something when I havent even used the compact yet. Right? 

Here's my actual Brow Kit (shown above is my backup pan LOL!):

I dont think I was able to capture how deep those dents are, but that pan has deep dents already. I hate that it seems like I dip my brush in just one spot. Im gonna start taking product off the "untouched" portions next time. (OC lang. LOL!) 

I just thought this kit wouldve been more perfect if it comes with a brow setting wax, agree? 
I have to bring my Palladio Brow Wax pencil whenever I use this one to make the powders last longer. 

Found this on the Etude House page, decided to share it here. I find it cute that they write descriptions that way, some people find it funny that the translations are done quite literally sometimes but I dont really mind as long as I understand what theyre talking about. ^_^

My mom find the brushes too small for her liking, she wants her brow brushes a bit longer for more control and for better grip, I think otherwise though, I love the brushes that come with this kit, I even think the brushes are better than the ones that came with my BrowZings. 

The brow powders last fairly long on me, 4hours perhaps then I would need slight retouching already but the highlighting powder wears off faster, after an hour or so, its gone. I figured though that it lasts longer when I use UDPP before I apply the highlighting powder. 

Loves it. Doesnt irritate my eyes or the skin around my eye area. 

I dont think so. Unless they announce that theyd discontinue this product.
I have 2 backups though. LOL!

It doesnt say on the packaging but I would say ideally 12months or until its still good to use. 

Not sure about the exact price of this on local Etude House stores, but I got my EH PB Kits for Php 545.00 from Joeanne/TheLittleCoolShop.

Would be more convenient to buy from local 
Etude House counters than 
from resellers or pre-order so you wont have to wait anymore. ^_^ 


Have you tried this brow kit? How do you find it? :) 
Share your thoughts! 
And oh! Share your favorite Brow Filler too! 

Happy Monday Morning, Ladies! 

Spread Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. I've seen this at local counters but i still prefer my in2it brow powder. there's no highlighter though, only 3 brown shades. it's 300 plus i think. lasts the whole day for me at least :P I like Etude's gray eyebrow pencil, too :) it's just 128.

  2. @Juju : I used to have In2it too, that one's good as well but for some reason I like this better. ^_^ I heard In2it's brow kit is discontinued narin, they only have eyeshadow trios that can be used as brow fillers nalang. Regarding the pencil, I like brow powders better, I feel that I have more control over the application.

  3. the shades are kinda similar to the in2it brow kit. I find this too pricey, but glad to know it works well for you. Awesome review. :D

  4. @Hollie : its a bit pricey compared to other brands kaso namurahan naman ako since my former hg is browzings, 500 was half of the price of browzings hehe! :D

  5. The shades look useable, it's hard to find natural looking shades.

  6. My bf's sister has this one and it seems really brown. I usually use a grey for my brows but I think I will give this a try :P the packaging is so cute! unless I find something cheaper :$


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