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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Lipstick + A Little Makeup BooBoo

After getting this shade of Milani Color Perfect Lipstick, I stopped wondering why this brand is gaining popularity in the makeup industry. The colors are indeed perfect and the quality is good, in fact one of the best compared to other drugstore/low-end brands in the market. 

After having Wet N Wild reopen their counters in the Philippines, this brand is next on my wishlist, I hope this becomes locally available. 

They said Rose Hip is a dupe of NARS Schiap, I cant actually remember if they shade-twins since the last time I had Schiap was about almost 2 years ago. All I can remember is that theyre both hotpink (LOL) but regarding the brightness and intensity of its hotpink-ness, I cant really compare, would have to get a pop of NARS Schiap soon to do a comparison. ^_^

So, here's the review.

 The frosted goldish-silver or silvery-gold (?!) plastic tube looks blah. Didnt disappoint me though since its a drugstore brand anyway and it wont cost you much to buy this from its regular price, you just get what you pay for.

Overall, I dont mind having drugstore lippies with packaging that doesnt look attractive since what Im usually after is the contents, if the product itself would impress me, then I wont mind buying this item again.  

Aint complainin also since I retouch my makeup inside the powder room anyway. Not a fan of flaunting pretty makeup packaging by doing touch-ups where a lot of people can see me. :) 

What it says on the Milani website : 

"A creamy-smooth, full-coverage, lustrous lipcolor that makes lips look and feel magnificent! The unique contour tip perfects lip shape with a more precise application. "

 Just like the previous Milani Lippies I reviewed, this one's really nice and applies smoothly. Im also very happy with the pigmentations since I dont need to pile up a thick layer of the lippie for the color to show up like how it appears on the tube. 

Its one of those lipsticks that gives a color payoff that's identical to how the color appears on the tube. 

As far as I can remember, I sold my NARS Schiap before because the color makes my lips pop, and not in a good way, the color is just too strong that it looks like my lips are walking before me. LOL! But this one, I really love since its bright and its loud but its very wearable. 
I dunno if that even makes sense, loud and wearable (?!?). LOL! 

I like how it looks smooth on the lips, it also makes the fine lines on my lips look smoother. 
I dunno if its good or bad but it does leave a hint of pink stain on the lips once the cream-base wears off. I dont really mind though since the color's pretty nice too and gives my lips a hint of color. 

Oh before I forget, I sorta figured out what Milani Lipsticks smell like! Sampaguita (Jasmine)!
But the scent's too artificial that it kinda bothers me, but it does go away after some time, so, pwede na rin. LOL! 

If you have sensitive lips - lips that dry up easily from some lip products, I would suggest that you use a lipbalm before applying this lipstick since it can be a little drying (makes my mom's lips dry. not mine though). Im glad im actually hiyang with the formula of Milani Lipsticks. 

Lasts about 4-5 hours on me.

Yes! Yes! Yessss! 

12 months or more. :) 

$ 5.49 
or around Php 350-450 from local resellers. 
This shade is a bit rare and hard to find nowadays. 

US Drugstores 
and probably Milani Resellers in the Philippines 
(thru eBay or Multiply -- DigitalTraincase

Side story lang. I had a small makeup boo-boo that made me real sad. :( 

I joined the EOS bandwagon a little too late that I just got my first two EOS spheres just yesterday, if not for the strawberry and passionfruit duo, I know I wont be convinced in buying EOS, so imagine how sad I got when I saw that my passionfruit EOS was kaputt. :( 

The balm thing broke off from the base and got stuck on the concave cap. 
The small nick on the side of the balm is from the spatula Im using to pry it off. 

I tried to salvage it by running it under a warm hairdryer so I can "bond" the 2 pieces together using the same product by melting/warming them. 
Til I came up with this : 

 I did a great job in salvaging it, right? Mukhang bago! :D
Sad to say, my little magic didnt work, after blast-freezing the thing after I warmed it, the balm breaks off once I unscrew the cap, for some oddball reason, the balm gets stuck to the cap no matter how nicely I melt the 2 pieces together. 

Sol's gonna give me a new Passionfruit balm to replace that one, but Im OC like that and thats why I have to find a way to fix it. Sayang eh, ang cute pa naman. haha! :D

It must be the crazy weather in our country or prolly how the couriers handle stuff thats why those things break off, its a common case and prolly sakit na rin siguro ng EOS because of the weird packaging. I hope they come up with something that reinforces the grip of the container to the balm so it doesnt break off easily. Ang sayang naman when you are on the process of swiping on some then the little sphere breaks off and flies to the ground. :( 

Anyone here who knows what else I can do to fix this little munchkin? 
Any tips would be appreciated. :) 

Have a great weekend, Lovelies! 

Spread Love and Stay Fab!! 


  1. i super love Rose Hip too! And you're right about it being loud but wearable. =)

  2. sis how is the strawberry? ok din ba? and does it taste/smell great din?

  3. @blushbaby : wooot! :D the color's really nice no? nakaka-brighten ng face. :)

  4. @MissChief : in terms of the taste, its not as sweet as other balms in the market sis eh, but they both smell good. I think plus din sya kasi pwede gamitin as lipstick base and the scent or taste wont interfere with that of the lipstick. :)

    i find the container cute though medyo bulky nga lang bitbitin kasi madaming slim na balms sa market pero basta, cute sya haha!:D

  5. agree sobrang cute nga niya! I currently have 3, supposedly 4 kaya lang hindi ko talaga keri yung smell ng summerfruit. Then I just bought Strawberry Sorbet hopefully dumating na siya. hehe sobrang cute ng packaging that I want to collect them and just display them on my table haha

    Try mo din sis yung mint, it gives a tingling feeling when you apply on your lips :)

  6. @MissChief : im gonna note that mint balm on my to-buy list, thanks for the reco sis! <3 How does summerfruit smell like? Too carfreshener-ish ba? I wanna get all variants too especially orange (tangerine?) but im quite hesitant if they smell/taste good, so far kasi with this LE set, love ko both scents/flavors.

  7. buti ka pa your lips are pink.. all lipsticks look good at you. :)


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