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Friday, January 29, 2010

Styli Style Haul + Swatches :)

And it took me 10 years to create another blog entry after the last one i published.


Been really busy & i just tried to squeeze this in my toxic schedule.

As promised, here are swatches + a quick review of the Styli Style Liners I got.

But before that, heres a group picture of all my styli-style liners :)

I got a lot, but i dont feel guilty at all, since i got them for Php 60-70 each and I got a lot of freebies from the seller!

Moving on to the swatches and reviews....


First up are the 24hour Line & Seal Liners :

1 - Twilight
2 - Black
3 - Aquamarine
4 - Turq
5 - Bronze
6 - Bluestone
7 - Jade
8 - Tanzanite
9 - Smokey Quartz

These pencils are less creamy than the Regular Line & Seal variants, but they're smooth to apply, no tugging, and the formula doesnt smudge. Colors are vibrant, some of them have iridescent sheen (the tube indicates whether the liner has iridescent sheen or if its matte).

Glitter Lid Liners :

1 - Silver
2 - Sky
3 - Glittering Blue

Of all the Styli Style liners i have, these three are the only ones i hate coz they smudge, they dont dry and they are not waterproof. Waste of money. Only thing i love about these are the colors and the glitter. I just wish they improve the formula so they would last longer.

Waterproof Line & Seal Liners :

These are the creamiest of all the styli style liners i have, formula is as soft/rich as the glitter lid liners but these ones have good staying power, Waterproof indeed! This is best for those who need to smudge liners for smoky eyes, you have time to smudge them before they become dry and smudgeproof! You just need to let it set/dry for a couple of minutes after application so it would stay put..

Flat Liner Pencils (sharpen-up type) :

1 - Buenos Aires
2 - Madison
3 - Rome
4 - Rio
5 - Chicago
6 - Tokyo
7 - Cairo
8 - New York

Formula is creamy, colors are vibrant, theyre easy to apply, but they smudge. I think i would need a good liner sealant to seal these babies once applied.

Flat Liners (twist-up type):

1 - Violet
2 - Sky
3 - Navy
4 - Blackest Black
5 - Black
6 - Brown
7 - Black/Brown

Colors are vibrant, formula is a bit drier than the regular 24hour Line&Seal pencils, you would need to layer to achieve desired intensity of color, a lil tugging of the lids may be experienced during application, but what i love about these twist up flats is once you apply them, they stay put, no smudging, no need to seal with liner sealants.

Brow Liner Pencils :

brow wax + color rolled into one regular-looking brow pencil. i definitely love these brow pencils!


All of them doesnt bleed/smudge even under running water except for the glitter lid liners and the Sharpen-up Flat liners, but so far, the Twist-Up flats have the best staying power among all of them, next is the 24hour Line & Seal pencils.

Please be reminded that these liners may work better for people in colder places, but since we are in the Philippines, where the warm weather and humidity makes our cosmetics wear off faster, we might need to use eyeshadow bases before applying these liners to prolong their staying power.

So that wraps up my short reviews for these babies.

Thanks for dropping by! :)



  1. ay kokonti pala binili mo japjap.

    I want aquamarine and bluestone!!! bibili ka pa ba sa kanya? pag oo sama mo ko.

  2. pwahaha! loko ka chel! :P

    naku, you love blue liners din no? weeee parehas tayo, silang dalawa fave ko..

    just checked her list, wala na bluestone pero i got aquamarine for you. sakto, last 2 nalang haha!

  3. Uy dalawa ng aqua haha o di ba.

    Uu obvious bang love ko blue liners. Parang yun lang kasi bagay sa kin. Purple, nagagandahan ako pag iba me suot. Ewan ko sa balat ko kakaiba.

  4. ang rami! haha.. super cute colors!
    sis, san mo nabili? pm me sa gt ha hehe

  5. chel : i got you 1 kanina, i bought the last one na for you din just now. haha! adik! :P magkakasundo tayo sa mga kulay. haha! :P

    khymm : super cute indeed! kaya naadik ako magcollect! haha! search styli style on, theyre super cheap, kaso ang bilis nasimot.. :P

  6. Addict! :P Pwede ka na advertiser ng styli-style. :P

  7. pammy : bwahaha! :P medyo dismayado lang talaga ko sa glitter lid liners nila, cute pa naman sana ng colors.. :(

  8. wholesale! LOL

    gusto ko tanzanite!!!

    blue di bagay sa akin haha

  9. lel : brandnew tanzanite na naisama ko sayo, mas better coz its the 24hour variant na, freebie ni Meg (the seller) mas ok yun kasi di na kelangan hintayin matuyo.. :P

    si flatliner rome, tanzanite din kulay.. :P pero nagssmudge eh.

  10. ang dami!!!! san mo binili??i want din.. wow.. nanlula ako girl... sobra

  11. hello sis bjn =)

    eto yung mga nasa beauty bar sis?
    i recently saw some few weeks ago.
    diko lang sure kung sila yun pero ito sila di ba?
    kasi may mga flat pencils ako nakita.

    gorgeous swatches!

  12. donnarence : i got them from sis.. :)

    jing : hiyee sis! :) yes sis these are the ones you can find sa beautybar, but i got my loot from, theyre dirt-cheap sa ebay compared to the sky-high mark-up of beautybar.. :)

    check sisters! they still have a few shades left. :)

  13. thanks for posting swatches, medyo naguguluhan pa ako kung anong shades kukunin ko. mas creamy ang pencil-type (sharpen-up type)? i like!


  14. finally nagpost sha. lol.
    what's the special purpose of flat liners?

  15. Sugarnspice : yes sis, the sharpen-up type pencils are creamier, poor staying power though. :(

    makeupshakeup :
    pwahaha! finally! after 48 years! haha! :P flat liners are dual purpose kasi, they can create thin and thick lines with ease. unlike traditional liners na medyo mahirap pantayin when creating thich lines. :)

  16. ** thick lines i mean.. :P typo. :P

  17. complete mo na ba sila jap?hehe for you whats the best of all?i have tanzanite and like ko kasi it stays talaga,yung brow pencil nila nagulat ako bakit ganun gooeey when applied yun pala wax na talaga,pero it looks natural talaga..

  18. shobe : haha! im far from having the complete set of colors and kinds of liners they have sis! haha! for me, the best would be the 24 hour line and seal liners, and the twist up flat pencils.. :)

  19. wow ang dami!!
    thanks for the super swatches sis!!
    gusto ko na tuloy mag purchase ng eyebrow pencils hehe :)

    ill stay tuned for your next blog entries sis :)

  20. oh wow ang dami! eyeliner heaven! haha *drool* thanks for the swatches!

  21. cha : pwahaha! :P trigger happy coz theyre super cheap haha! :P get the brow pencils sis! theyre good! no need to set the brows with wax/browgel anymore.. :)

    sush : heehee! :P i dont even know if id get to use all of them.. rawrr! :)

  22. woooh dami ah :) sa US drugstores kalat kalat lang tong brand na toh..bakit hindi ko nga ba pinansin :( usually kasama ng NYC brand so yes dirt cheap dun..argh

  23. miemiemie : kainis no, na cheapie stuff sa US are so expensive here.. haha! mga hindi ko pinapansin sa drugstores before, sikat naman ngayon dito. haha!

  24. hi po! ganda nman poh ng collection mu..hehehe..san nyo poh nbili? if ever poh b n bibili kau pwd din mg pbuy?? khiya nman kapal koh hahhaha..never tried to buy kc s ebay..un poh e kung ok lng..hehhee tnx sis..i also followed you from girltalk heheh

  25. Sis, kay meg mo ba yan kinuha? Ubos na stocks nya! Andami ko din gusto bilhin, pero kailangan ko ng sharpeners, wala akong makita sa ebay. Inubos mo na yata lahat.

  26. hi where did you buy all of these? Naghahanap kasi ako ng flat sharpener... I need it cause I recently purchased some flat liners. :(

  27. @bingcastro : got them from, i dont think they still have it there though. :(


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