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Monday, March 28, 2011

I fell in love again.

You are a true shopaholic if you wake up with eyes gleaming at the sight of a package lying in your bedside.

Dont you just love receiving packages? 

Going to bed full of excitement and waking up the next day looking for the little pouchie filled with your precious goodies. 

It makes your day just by simply opening the package and staring at your new baby. 

How about surprise packages? Something you really have no idea of. 

Something like this.... 

Who doesnt love surprises?

 It makes us feel extra special, especially when you receive something that you really like, it makes us feel that the person who gave it to us made an extra effort of "researching" about the stuff we like. 

First thing I did when i got this was called Mom and Dad to ask if they got this for me (the details of the shipper was noted Anonymous), apparently, they dont have any idea about the Chanel Blush i received. 

Now I think I know who the Mystery Sender is -- Hunny! 
He knows nothing about makeups, and I find it cute that he knew i have the heart for cool pink blushes! 

I super love this blush (though i havent swatched it yet), its THAT nice that I dont seem to have the heart to use it! 

Im one happy girl, and this definitely made my day.. <3 <3 <3

Live, Love and Stay Fab! 


  1. Your bf's so sweeeet! I think you're happier knowing that he's making an effort understanding what makes you happy than the Chanel blush itself. Or is it the other way around? :)

  2. That's sweet of Yoben naman. :P Pretty!

  3. i miss your blog posts sis! =) ang ganda ng Chanel blush!

  4. I want that blush! And a boyfriend like Hunny too!!

  5. @ Argie -- tama! :) happy coz i never thought ganun sya ka-keen sa pagobserve sa mga gusto ko. :P especially the color. mwah!

    @ Pammy -- i hope ganito sya lagi, haha!!

    @ khymm -- yeppyepp its pretty talaga! get one! weee!

    @ Chel -- Pretty no? swatched it earlier, its super sheer lang, hindi super pigmented but the color is super nice! reminds me of rosee du printemps from guerlain. super pretty and its not shimmery, glowy lang. lovelove! share tayo kay hunny! haha!

  6. thanks CHARRY! :) i followed you.. :)

  7. ay magagalit si Migs, hati na lang sa blush!!!

  8. Chel : slice ko na sa gitna si blush bakla! :P wahahaha! weeeeee hati tayo kay Migs. hahaha!

  9. Wow, you're so lucky! How sweet of your hunny. I'm jealous! I can't wait to see swatches.:)

  10. Chrissy : weee thanks! :)) He's really sweet, he looks suplado but acts like a baby when he's with me. nyahaha!

    miemiemie : weeee *kiligigil* wahaha!


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