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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why be an eBay addict?

I just have to rave about this sisters!

dont you just love bargains?

i woke up with a big smile on my face coz the first thing i saw was a package lying beside me!! hahaha!

and look what it has inside :

im a real sucker for glosses! (not as much as i love blushes though hehe)

gotta love those fresh colors!!
have yet to try how sheer or pigmented they are though,
but im sure ill fall inlove with them!

and heres the best part, i got the set for just Php 600.00!

yes!! its 600 pesos for a set of 3 full-sized stila lipglazes!!

whatelse can be better than that

this is the main reason why ebay (both US and PH) can be so addicting!!
you get to scout cheapie finds once in a while!

Im one happy girl!!

Peace and Love!


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Peace and Love!!
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