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Sunday, October 18, 2009

the EMPTY blog

ang mahiwagang blog na walang kalaman-laman.. :P harr!

will be updating this blog with my makeup reviews and anything & everything under the sun.

smooches to everyone! :)


  1. Wow sis andaming post! hehe!!!

    Excited na ko!!!

  2. Nahanap ko na. Haha! :P Welcome to the blogging world. :)

  3. weee thanks pammy! :P 2 followers na! ang saya saya ko na! haha!

  4. Pinahirapan mo ako hanapin blog mo! Haha! :P Research ito.

  5. mwahahaha!ayun ang syringe na may love potion!!!cant wait sa unang post!!

  6. mga adik! talagang inabangan! haha!

  7. helo sis! welcome to the blogging world... im so happy i finally got ahold of u... im interested in some of ur items for sale thru beauty bazaar... didnt know lng how to contact u... can't pm pa kasi sa gtalk... nyway, may i have ur email add? thanks sis


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